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Jagged Edge’s Brandon Casey Responds To Mathew Knowles Claims Regarding His Group and Destiny’s Child

Brandon Casey, of R&B group Jagged Edge, has some questions for Mathew Knowles. Recently Knowles claimed that Casey and members of his group were responsible for some constant harassment that Superstars Beyonce and Kelly Rowland faced in the 90’s, while in their own R&B group Destiny’s Child.

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Speaking with VladTV, Knowles claimed that the exchanges were part of what caused the rift between original members LeToya Luckett, LaTavia Roberson and Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, resulting in Luckett and Roberson leaving. 

“It started really from a poor decision that I’d made, on putting both Destiny’s Child and Jagged Edge and the same tour bus. Now remember the girls are minors. They’re 16 years old. The guys are 21, 22 years old. I got a call from Kelly and Beyonce saying that they were constantly being [bothered] by two of the members of Jagged Edge. And I couldn’t have that. I had to put the guys off the bus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That began all of this drama.” 

TMZ caught up with Casey while he was out dining at Zari in Atlanta in a resurfaced interview. Speaking on Beyonce, Casey claims there’s no bad blood and that he has “too much love” for the pop icon. 

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“Its funny cause someone called me to do an interview about that. I got too much respect for Bey, Kelly…all the girls involved. I have no business sitting here giving ya’ll dirt on Mathew Knowles. it is whatever he say it is. everyone involved know what the truth is.” before asking, “Am I in jail?” 

During the sit-down, Knowles went on to talk about how Luckett and Roberson used the ordeal to seek outside representation for themselves. He also revealed that the girls were responsible for less that 10% of Destiny’s Child’s music stating Beyonce and Kelly sang 90-95% of the songs. Their desire to have a separate manager furthered the divide between the group eventually leading to their split. “I went to the record label and they supported me wholeheartedly. They made the ultimate decision. Beyonce got a black eye for it, she had nothing to do with it.”

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