Jaguar Wright Alleges Singer Brandy Found Whitney Houston In Hotel Room, Says Ray J Was The Last Person Seen With Her

The Jaguar roars and roars again. In case you missed it, the “Divorcing Neo to Marry Soul” recording artist went on a tea-spilling, jaw-dropping tirade on the music industry and her past collaborators. She had damning revelations about Jill Scott, The Roots, Common, Talib Kweli, and Erykah Badu.

Last week, Jaguar Wright caused another stir by alleging universally beloved, singer-actress Mary J. Blige was ‘closeted’ in an expletive-laced rant on social media and didn’t recant when pressed by doubters, either.

Now, in an interview YouTuber Storm Monroe, Ms. Wright drops a load about the macabre events around Whitney Houston’s untimely demise. She asserts that Ray J knowingly left Houston in hotel room prior to the arrival of a ‘dealer’ who was summoned just after her spending time working on substance abuse recovery in a rehab facility.

Jaguar noted the bizarre callousness of those present at the hotel that night,  “These are narcissistic people. You would have to be narcissistic to know Whitney Houston was dead in the next room and you’re having the party anyway!” “And Clive says, ‘Whitney would’ve wanted us to party on anyway!’” 

There’s only one Clive, right? Clive Davis, music mogul, founder of Arista Records, J Records and former president of Columbia records. Artists recording under him include, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Alicia Keys, Santana, Aretha Franklin and of course, Whitney Houston.

She continued on Clive, “I’m never gonna be okay with the fact that Clive Davis had a meeting with that godson of Whitney’s that was married to Bobbi Kristina a week before she [passed] in the tubthe same way her momma did…that’s too much of a coincidence.” Jaguar added, “Clive Davis, unfortunately, is a necessary evil.”

While Ms. Wright may have some credibility issues and have the reputation of having a mercurial personality, the astonishing similarities of Whitney and daughter Bobbi Kristina’s demise beckon for further inquiry. Both passed from complications from substances in a bathtub: Whitney, in the Beverly Hotel; Bobbi Kristina, in her Alpharetta, GA home.

Intoxication, albeit from different substances, resulted in unconsciousness and drowning. (It should be noted that however, that Bobbi Kristina, did survive in a comatose state for an additional six months.) Nick Gordon, the “godson of Whitney” that Jaguar referenced was found responsible for the incident and himself perished from overuse of substances in January of this year. 

Jaguar provided a potential motive that could explain the departures of all three, “…last person who would’ve known everything that would’ve been in that tell-all book that Whitney was writing about Clive..” Continuing, “She was done singing. She was gonna write a book, do a movie.”

16 thoughts on “Jaguar Wright Alleges Singer Brandy Found Whitney Houston In Hotel Room, Says Ray J Was The Last Person Seen With Her

  1. I love Jaguar. She talks with so much conviction and she is not afraid of anyone or anything. Her name is classic. Her name fits her personality. Jaguar–you keep doing you. You are wonderful.

  2. The book sounds nice. God Blesses Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina. May the untold story tells its truth in Father God’s eyes because he the one really knows what has taken place. So looking forward in reading the book and or looking at the movie. Either one it would be such a great pleasure to see either one.

  3. She is a bitter person that behaves as someone who has mental issues! She knows all of everyone’s business to talk about it? All of these people she speaks of and she knows all of their personal in depth deep dark secrets?? Yeah ok. There is something to be said about someone who behaves this way.

  4. I don’really know what happen to Whitney Houston& her daughter.But God sits high and he looks low.So we all have to stand before the throne of Grace one day.God is the only judge and we have to answer for everything we do wrong in this world.May Whitney & Her daughter R.I.P.

  5. It’s sad and heartbreaking. I had a childhood friend who passed away while smoking crack in her bathtub, so it’s not unheard of. I believe Bobbie Christina was missing her Mother and still being grief stricken wanted to die hoping to see her Mother again especially after seeing that Lifetime movie depicting Whitney’s life Angela Bassett had the audacity to produce not thinking about how it would have affected Whitney’s only child. Bobbie Christina wasn’t ready to her mother life and issues displayed for the world to see. I bet you she never called that child once to see how she was doing and how she would feel seeing her mother’s like portrayed like that, well what can you expect from someone who never gave birth to a child herself. She might as well had said’ what’s love got to do with it!!!!!

  6. I personally think that it is more than a coincidence that Whitney Houston and her daughter died in the bathtub while under some substance and I also think that Brandy the singer did have something to do with Whitney’s demise and her brother Ray j yes they did Iyes because it’s kind of odd that Brandy had a meeting with Clyde Davis and then after Whitney’s death she all of a sudden is doing movies now so yes that’s kind of odd to me and why would Ray j call a dealer when we all know that Whitney Houston was or shall I say was trying to get sober and was dealing with her sobriety I hope and pray that they had nothing to do with her death because one day they will have to stand before their maker and answer several questions from him he’s the only judge but he will judge the fairly and yes Clyde Davis is a devil but that’s the music industry they’re all devil

  7. This is what happens when you’re a one hit washed up has been. You become bitter & jealous with envy of others. Jaguar is mentally screwed up, she lost her career decades ago & with the death of her son has pushed her mentally over the edge, & she needs help. Her truth is built on delusion & lies, she needs help.

  8. Why is she so concerned now? …..hmmmmm money! Fools don’t care what lies they tell or people they hurt all about them so sad use to listen to your music but now….. You have issues…

  9. I don’t know who this Jaguar person is..but why does she feel it’s her place, her duty, her honor; to spit out these people name with such a venomous tongue?! Wether there be some truth or fabrication, why?

  10. Ray J has been behind many scandals and so has his sister Brandi. Neither of them bring fourth anything this generation wants to see or hear. Ray J is only famous for 2 things, his washed up sister and his LAME ass porn video with Kim Kardashian. Funny how that bull doesn’t come up. I’m sorry to say but without controversy or disgust, Brandi and Ray J dont have a name in America anymore besides washed up. To speak on Whitney and her daughter and assume that it was intentional is ignorant. As far as the “Lady” can’t remember her name.. Sorry that proclaimed seeing Ray J leaving, she could be chasing. She might want some read time. But always remember, there is always some truth to myth. That’s how they all get started.

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