Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Jason Lee Claims Megan Thee Stallion’s Team Confirmed She ‘Put Hands’ On Tory Lanez, Before He Aimed Fire At The Ground

Since the incident between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez occurred last month, many have been left to speculate with very little information being released from either party. Tory has been silent, and on what seems to be on a social media sabbatical. At the same time, Megan provided minimal details of the event on her live, some weeks later, leaving his name out of the conversation.

Adam22, the host of the “No Jumper” podcast, was one of the first to share details on the night’s alleged events, where he cited “trusted sources.” The podcast host claimed Tory and Megan were romantically involved. Adam stated, “Either Tory was showing too much attention to Kylie Jenner or Kylie Jenner was showing too much attention to Tory. Either way, Meg did not appreciate it. Meg, maybe at this point in her career, has a little bit of an ego; she’s feeling herself. She doesn’t feel like she has to deal with any disrespect […] The eventual argument became heated, as allegedly Megan became disrespectful and was “violating” Tory,” Adam22 continued.

Following Adam22’s releasing details, DJ Akademiks another version of the story that seemed to co-sign Adam 22, although he confirmed the information was based on ‘what he heard. “I dont want this to be any type of indictment on Meg’s character.” he says, “BUT, Meg’s LIT!” He also claims Tory was also lit, however, “coolin’,” and stressed the importance of Kylie’s sobriety.  According to him, the weapon was allegedly fired at the ground as a scare tactic. According to Akademiks, Tory fired at the ground to scare Megan.

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Now Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Jason Lee is reporting a story that sounds very consistent with DJ Akademik and Adam22. According to Jason Lee, Megan’s team told him Megan was “Sloppy uncontrollable heavy drunk […] She got really really drunk, and she saw Tory flirting with Kylie, and believe Kylie was flirting back with Tory.” This led to Megan [hitting] on Tory Lanez, which led to Tory attempting to scare Megan, which backfired.

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