Jennifer Lopez Blasted For Self-Centered Tone Deaf Post Following Chadwick Boseman’s Passing

The world lost a king yesterday in Chadwick Boseman. The actor, who portrayed civil rights icons and a technocratic African Superhero-King succumbed three months shy of what would have been his 43 birthday. Black Panther remains the only movie in the 23- film Marvel Cinematic Universe to win an Academy Award and grossed over $1.3 Billion at the global box office.

An outpouring of remembrance is coming in from everywhere: tweets of tribute from former President Barack Obama and current Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, expressions of mourning and loss from Super Bowl winning NFL Quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes, and respect from innumerable esteemed Hollywood contemporaries.

In a year of near-apocalyptic levels chaos and polarization of every sort, it seemed as if the entire a world hit pause to collectively mourn Boseman as one united voice. At least until Jennifer Lopez, aka “Jenny from the Block,” aka “J.Lo,” went off the rails on social media lamenting her displeasure at her and Major League Baseball luminary husband, Alex Rodriguez’ failed attempt to acquire the New York Mets.

Reportedly, Lopez, Rodriquez, and a litany of other uber-wealthy individuals formed a consortium to purchase New York’s other baseball team from the current owners, the Wilpon family.  Jennifer tweeted, “Alex and I are so disappointed. We worked so hard the past 6 months with the dream of becoming the first minority couple and the first woman owner to buy her father’s favorite Major League Baseball team with her own hard-earned money. We still haven’t given up!!”

Fans and followers lambasted her all over social media. Twitter user replied, “Chadwick Boseman suffered from cancer in silence was still making movies and was raising money for PPE…and died tonight. You could’ve held this point sis.” Another Twitter user added, “You’re posting this right after: 1. Chadwick Boseman passed; 2. Civil Rights movement; 3. 2 hurricanes destroying our homes; 4. A PANDEMIC. 

Rumors swirl that billionaire Hedge Fund titan, Steve Cohen leads closing talks to purchase the ball club. He was near to completing a deal last year to the tune of  $2.6 Billion but discussions unraveled over the Franchise’s associated television network and substantial income generator, SNY. Cohen is already an 8 percent owner of the team.

Jenny would later make a post mourning the untimely loss of Chadwick Boseman, but it was ‘too little, too late’ in the eyes of All-Knowing-Internet.As many have said, ‘you can’t fault a girl for tryin’” but what perhaps is more relevant, and of which several observers have reiterated to her, is the adage to “read the room.”

About Samuel Ross

Samuel Ross, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Known as Sam to friends, Samuel has a background in Journalism and has been writing for nearly 10 year. Outside of writing, Samuel enjoys tennis, golf and hiking. Samuel is also an advocate for human rights.

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  1. Who really are surprised I certainly would have been surprised if JLO showed any sensativiaty to how the balck community are hurting right now, JLO is a user always have been always will be. I’m wondering when AROD will be used up…

  2. What the hell does her message have to do with the passing of Chadwick Bozeman. Who cares if she and her husband can buy a ball team or not. We have way more important things going on in the world right now then to worry about her and her damn husband and what they are doing. We are sending prayers and love to the family of a great man and a Icon. We are dealing with the problems going on in this country right now…..What an ass she is and she of all people should be ashamed of her damn selfish ass self.

  3. I used to be such a fan of hers but she is so self centered it’s disgusting. I am officially tired of her worn out ass. I’m no longer a fan of hers.

  4. That Mets post was probably written out before the news of Chadwick’s passing got out. JLo has supported the black community, even going as far as marching, when even some black celebrities didn’t. I think that people are just to sensitive and always ready to fight and complain.

  5. People need to stop hating. At the end of the day, that is her parogative. That’s what was going on in her life at that particular time. Yes its sad about the Black Panther star, very sad. But why must people dictate who or when someone else should feel.

  6. No need to wast time on JLo, we the memories of a Great Icon to keep alive👊🏾

  7. Who the hell cares about what she n her man wants to buy,god bless.But the nerve of her to post it in tweeter,we lost one of the most and fabulous acter that will be missed by the world god bless his soul.And for jlo keep looking in the mirrow do something about that dame lump u have on the side of ur forehead n stop dreaming about buying the team(mets)

  8. Jenny from the block aka jennifer Lopez should be ashame of her self worring about a team(mets) that hasn’t won a World Series since 1986. Jlo what u need to worry is about that dame lump u have on the side of ur forehead.

  9. Jenny from the block aka jennifer Lopez should be ashame of her self worring about a team(mets) that hasn’t won a World Series since 1986. Jlo what u need to worry is whats going on in the world and stop being so selfish.

  10. It’s sad how Hollywood made her head swole…. she’s always been self centered… I use to look up to her but she’s tries to hard to be better then all the female artists …she’s slick……..her bragging and true colors came out, I’m ver upset how she’s never changed like I thought she did. Well that’s Hollywood’s fault for over rating her and making her extremely conceited 😏 she didn’t like baseball anyways she would file her nails during a game with Ben affleck never forgot that !! He new what she was about . Come help us minorities jlo! We’re struggling cause of the pandemic donate money to families in your country cause of us your rich as hell now give us something back!!!

  11. It’s sad how Hollywood made her head swole…. she’s always been self centered… I use to look up to her but she’s tries too hard to be better then all the female artists …she’s slick……..her bragging and true colors came out, I’m ver upset how she’s never changed like I thought she did. Well that’s Hollywood’s fault for over rating her and making her extremely conceited 😏 she didn’t like baseball anyways she would file her nails during a game with Ben affleck never forgot that !! He new what she was about . Come help us minorities jlo! We’re struggling cause of the pandemic donate money to families in your country cause of us your rich as hell now give us something back!!!

  12. Shame on Jennifer Lopez worring about a team(Mets) that hasn’t won a World Series since 1986. Worry about whats going on in the world..

  13. Omy. Why does people think that anyone owes anyone anything?She can not run her tweets off what other people are going thru!. If her mother passed would you be in tuned enough not to tweet or go partying or living your life?Shes human. Living her life. Let her be haters. smh.

  14. Why is jlo name being blasted ya make the weirdest excuse to blast people, people die everyday, our condolences goes to his family but the world not gonna stop cause everything now is about lives matters, let get it straight all lives matters

  15. Unfortunately, she has forgot where she came from.
    Sad – people are losing their lives and she is worried about millions.
    It’s all about her!

  16. Ok…she slipped! We see what’s on her mind. But our whole movement is FIRST LOVE & UNDERSTANDING! Our Grief for Chadwick Bozeman should have stood out as a priority to ALL…but some still may have their minds in another place! Let’s Forgive and go on!

  17. Uhhmmmm…Everytime an important, well loved person passes away the world does not stand still. We have become WAY too Woke and politically correct. Seems there was a competision of who posts the first account of when/how they knew Chadwick. So WHAT if her message had nothing to do about his death….?? Really…this is so stupid.

  18. Carissa E Romero

    I think JLo’s intentions meant well I think she doesn’t relieve what she said on Chadwick Bozeman website the things she said should of been on her own website but people are being too sensitive now times hopefully next time think before speaking amen

  19. Carissa E Romero

    God bless heavenly Chadwick Bozeman who came out in some great movies with so much talent he will be missed & loved always Amen

  20. Go to hell JLO. What’s the problem. Too little too late.
    Greed needs the spotlight to define importance. Seems not to know worth??

  21. I miss so much.., I’m 😞 angry he’s gone like he did he will always be my 🧔🏾🎩🎩🧦🧦👞👞🧳. travel peacefully now Your on your way to heaven 🦋🦋 . JLo that was low of you to be self centered and cold Actors like Chad the way abs brothers start your career look how quickly JLo so low forget.., marinate on that. ….., T.C.

  22. You should be ashamed of yourself Jlo,, at a times like this especially since we’re lost another brother, and an iconic hero at that, lighten up you probably didn’t need that team anyway.

  23. People die every day it’s sad that he had cancer but it happens to the best of us

  24. JLo,and Alex are both so full of themselves, they couldn’t wait to pay their respect. I’m so done with her fake ass.Just know that what comes around, goes around, n Karma is a bitch, like you both

  25. Shame shame on you. You use to be my girl.That was very uncall for the statement from you and your man. But I can’t really tell how I really feel about you now.He was an icon to us.So go and take 3 seats.

  26. People die everyday, everyday, poor, rich, ordinary people, famous people and every race and color. The world doesn’t stop because one person does, I honestly did not know who Chadwick Bozeman was until now. Just like you don’t know me, I don’t know you. Some people are stupid and ignorant, I don’t have believe in, or like what anyone else does, Really!

  27. I wanted to go to her concert in ATL in 2019 people complained Beyoncé & Jay-Z seats were high but JLO’s were inflated just outrageous. However, I got a descent seat (near stage 1st level up) at Beyoncé & Jay Z concert and had a great time. Also, I recall Wendy Williams’ praising Beyoncé for giving her entire concert paycheck to charity. On the other hand, J Lo the Hoe did a concert and kept her proceeds for herself. I have always seen the J LO she is stop slick. I hated how she performed on Motown and song all the hits of black entertainers as they watched in shock – it made her look bad. Everything in this world should not center around Jennifer Lopez an overrated non-singing wannabe attention seeking conniving b*tch! Remember how she slept with Diddy and got in all that trouble and he pushed in under the rug! I’m done with J Lo shenanigans! Oh and that horrible stripper pole scene performed at the NFL Championship game was classless (vulgar) in front of children with her whole a*s hanging out from an outfit that was too tiny/tight. I can go on and on with J Lo but the fans made her and she is bold.

  28. I wanted to go to her concert in ATL in 2019 people complained Beyoncé & Jay-Z seats were high but JLO’s were inflated just outrageous. However, I got a descent seat (near stage 1st level up) at Beyoncé & Jay Z concert and had a great time. Also, I recall Wendy Williams’ praising Beyoncé for giving her entire concert paycheck to charity. On the other hand, J Lo the Hoe did a concert and kept her proceeds for herself. I have always seen the J LO she is too slick. I hated how she performed on televised Motown show and song all the hits of black entertainers as they watched in shock – it made her look bad. Everything in this world should not center around Jennifer Lopez an overrated non-singing wannabe attention seeking conniving b*tch! Remember how she slept with Diddy and got in all that trouble and he pushed it under the rug! I’m done with J Lo’s shenanigans! Oh and that horrible stripper pole scene performed at the NFL Championship game was classless (vulgar) in front of children with her whole a*s hanging out from an outfit that was too tiny/tight. And the world hated on Janet Jackson for Justin Timberlake’s ripping her outfit and she was heavily fined- disgraced. I can go on and on with J Lo but the fans made her and she is bold.

  29. I wanted to go to her concert in ATL in 2019 people complained Beyoncé & Jay-Z seats were high but JLO’s were inflated just outrageous. However, I got a descent seat (near stage 1st level up) at Beyoncé & Jay Z concert and had a great time. Also, I recall Wendy Williams’ praising Beyoncé for giving her entire concert paycheck to charity. On the other hand, J Lo the Hoe did a concert and kept her proceeds for herself. I have always seen the J LO she is too slick. I hated how she performed on televised Motown show and song all the hits of black entertainers as they watched in shock – it made her look bad. Everything in this world should not center around Jennifer Lopez an overrated non-singing wannabe attention seeking conniving b*tch! Remember how she slept with Diddy and got in all that trouble and he pushed it under the rug! I’m done with J Lo’s shenanigans! Oh and that horrible stripper pole scene performed at the NFL Championship game was classless (vulgar) in front of children with her whole buttocks hanging out from an outfit that was too tiny/tight. And the world hated on Janet Jackson for Justin Timberlake’s ripping her outfit and she was heavily fined- disgraced. I can go on and on with J Lo but the fans made her and she is bold.

  30. Wakanda Forever..R.I.P Chadwick Boseman..thank you. A true hero….

  31. Forever Rip to Her man Alex the White Fake blasting teeth ! You just waiting on her Ka-ching 💵💸💵💸💰💰💸💵💸💵!

  32. J lo need to sit her a__ down somewhere

    Wakanda Forever RIP Chadwick Boseman

  33. Rich or poor people will be people.

  34. Sorry the guy died but hey nobody gets out alive. It’s a part of life. What about all the people who are not as you’d say famous.

  35. Sorry the guy past away,but what about all the other lives lost of people who aren’t famous. And this plandemic is not about being sick it’s about the government being broke.

  36. Sorry the guy past away,but what about all the other lives lost of people who aren’t famous. And this plandemic is not about being sick it’s about the government being broke. All lives matter.

  37. A little tired of her rubbing all her activities and jet setting, all about her $$$… would be nice if she goes and helps the homeless or donates to a food bank or pick up groceries for the needy!

  38. Go help the needy!!! A little tired of her rubbing all her activities and jet setting, all about her $$$… would be nice if she goes and helps the homeless or donates to a food bank or pick up groceries for the needy!

  39. I agree w/ Doria for she has always been self centered thats why JAMIE FOX let the bag on her when she was a fly girl in living color. She forgets who gave her , her break. Janet Jackson in her Video. She also made racial comments in one of songs related to black people. Lets say they did get some baseball team they still wouldn’t be the first even has a Minority because Venus & Serena , Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan all are part owners of football, basketball & baseball teams. Jennifer Lopez is in a world of her own besides her movies being flops. So forgive her. CHADWICK BOSEMAN was a man of DIGNITY & CLASS. His love for Humanity shined through out his Career. As the BLACK PANTHER he broke a barrier in the MARVEL WORLD that gave not just children but adults of all RACES a movie for life time. He lived a wonderful life in such a short time & he will be forever missed. RIP CHADWICK BOSEMAN AKA BLACK PANTHER.

  40. Chenin L Connole

    Are you kidding me with all this public outrage? Really? Was this her family member? A close friend and personal friend? Is she somehow obligated to you folks to grieve him as you are? She’s been working on this deal for a year, she’s disappointed. When you work so hard in something and it falls through, she allowed to be upset and comment on it. Shame on all of you for trying to make her feel worse than she already does. I’m embarrassed for you all that feel like she owes you.

  41. To all the people bitching and moaning…Do you think other celebs like Beonce ect is seriously angels with no skeletons?? Humble?? Puuuuuuuhhhleeeeezzzzeee….
    Go take a Zanax, have a stiff one and go watch a romcom…..REALLY…too many peeps with zero to do…

  42. All kudo’s, praise and glory be unto him….but 99,999 % of humanity did not even know who he was…

  43. Black

  44. JLO has been with many men and she is a slut hanging her ass out at the old age of 50

  45. I am passed upset. What a remodel. I always loved her,but self centered is not even the word I would use. Ok eople like her should be helping others , not brag about their billions!!!!!!

  46. No body care abiut that witch, she us as dumb as a doorknob, and sleeps with everyone she can, Now that is a Hoe!
    But because she got kniwn, Not only did her head swell, But her Ass did!
    Oops, I forgot, she paid for that ass, and forgot who she is!
    She should try to donate ir help ppl.,who are in need!
    But stuck up like that goes no where, she can lose it as fast as she got it!
    Just pray for her, she knows no better!
    Still trying to make herself known
    Stop Jlo, a lot of us Do Not Care about you or what you do
    You are Not important here, sign like trump!!!!! Want to convince ppl., you are someone! Go Pray!!!

  47. What a paradox! Some of these comments full of hatred, in some cases: plain jealousy, envy against this hard working, successful woman come exactly from people who complain about racism, being discriminated upon, injustices, iniquities. There is nothing wrong with Jennifer expressing her disappointment on not getting something that she and her mate tried so hard to get. The unfortunately death of the young actor should not be used as an excuse to insult and defame this woman.

  48. J.Lo should really stop and pay attention to what’s going on in the world. People are hurting,homeless, jobless and hungry these days. You going off at the mouth about you and your husband disappointment cause you couldn’t buy a baseball team is not relevant right now. Some of us can’t leave the house without not worrying if we’ll make it back alive. Right now we the people needs support, strength and encouragement. That’s what Mr. Chadwick Boseman gave us God bless this soul. His kindness, strength,love will live on forever.All these celebs running around hrowing their riches in people’s faces thinking that’s cute,it’s really not. Think of the impact you made on other people lives,the legacy you leave for yourself. I’m not hating on you. Just wish you and others would be more sensitive and aware. SMH!!

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