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Jennifer Williams Confronts Tami Roman’s ‘Tacky A**’ After Claiming Her Ex Tim Norman Would’ve Taken Her Life, And No One Would Care

In a case of reality TV gone wrong, a shocking revelation hit the world last week when the star of a family-centered Oprah Winfrey Network show Welcome to Sweetie Pies was arrested on charges stemming from the 2016 killing of his nephew, 18-year-old Andre Montgomery. It was a shocking fall from grace and now the fallout continues.

James Timothy Norman was one of the stars of the hit show. The show was one of the OWN Network’s earliest hits and was in production for 9 seasons. It went off the air in 2018. In addition to Norman, the show’s star was owner and chef of the Sweetie Pies franchise Robbie Montgomery.

Affectionately known as “Miss Robbie,” the former Ikette turned her music into entrepreneurship and created the successful restaurant chain. Norman ran the chain and produced the show with his mother. Throughout the run of the show, Robbie also focused on her raising her nephew Andre Montgomery and keeping him out of trouble – with the help of his uncle Norman. Montgomery was featured on the show throughout its run as well, due to Miss Robbie’s strong belief in family and supporting those who need help.

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The whole story apparently started back in 2014, when Norman apparently secured a $450K life insurance policy on his teenage nephew in which he was the sole beneficiary. He teamed up with a dancer named Terica Ellis, in addition to others, to set his own nephew Montgomery up to be targeted.

Days leading up to the incident were laid out by the federal government in their indictment. Ellis communicated with Montgomery that she planned to meet him in St. Louis. On March 13th, Norman also flew into town – the day before the incident.

The pair then used temporary burner phones to communicate and share updates on Montgomery’s location. When Ellis learned where Montgomery was, she then placed a call to Norman. Later that evening, Montgomery’s life wss taken Ellis then deposited over $9K into various accounts.

One week later, Norman was then said to have attempted to contact the life insurance company to collect on the policy that he held in Montgomery’s name.

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Norman, in addition to being a reality TV star himself, was also previously dating one – Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives fame. One of her former cast mates recently spoke about Norman’s situation and dragged her former “foe” into the whole fracas.

Tami Roman’s Bonnet Chronicles Instagram show gives her the chance to weigh in on pop culture and she didn’t miss the chance on throwing a small bit of shade – or relief – for her former cast mate Williams, on her relationship with Norman in light of his charges.

“Jennifer, you escaped it girl… If he would do that to his nephew, b—h you didn’t have a chance. And he probably wouldn’t have got caught because no one would’ve gave a f–k,” she waxed on. For her part, Williams quickly struck back at Roman, calling her “tacky” and “classless.”

“I don’t talk to Tami and I don’t know why she is making fun of a horrific situation where a life was lost. Tami is classless, and it was done in poor taste while a family is trying to come to terms with the ultimate betrayal from one of their own. That’s all I have to say about Tami’s tacky ass… With everything going on in the world and the climate within the Black community, I’m saddened a Black woman is tearing another one down.”

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See the video below.

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