Mother Of Future’s Son & Bow Wow’s Daughter Claims She Has Never Received Child Support From Both Rappers

Dating a famous rapper seems like an easy ticket to the good life. Some very popular figures in reality television, modeling and even music can trace their career take off point to the moment they were linked to a popular artist. Some women however, don’t do it for the clout. In the case of Joie Chavis, baby mother of Future and Bow Wow, she claims she was never with them for the money and in fact doesn’t receive child support from either of them.

Joie originally got her start as a backup dancer. The 32 year old is now mostly known as an instagram model and influencer, with over 1.1 million followers on the popular social media platform. She also runs an online boutique named Shai, which is also the name of her daughter with rapper Bow Wow.

The two were first linked in the early 2010’s, and welcomed their daughter in 2011. Joie was later linked to rapper future around 2017. The two share a son together, Hendrix.

Future is known for having a lot of kids. He was mostly famously linked to Ciara with whom he shares one child, Future Jr. Ironically enough Ciara also famously dated Bow Wow at the start of her career. While she maintains a pretty political stance on her famous baby daddy in light of her happy new marriage with Russel Wilson, other mothers have called out future for being a “deadbeat”.

Eliza Reign famously roasted Future online after the two’s paternity battle. Eliza gave birth to a daughter, Reign Wilburn, in April of 2019. She called him out for dismissing her an an attention seeking IG model. “So since My baby deserves the mistreatment since I’m [a] ‘clout chasing ig model’ ask him why he did the same exact thing to Cindy?” she added.  “He’s clearly the problem.  Not the kids or the mothers.  He goes around making promises and babies, then disrespects you and disappears.”

Well it turns out Bow Wow has more in common with Future than baby mommas and famous ex’s, according to Joie neither of them help with their kids.

Speaking to fans during a Q&A on her Youtube, Joie fielded questions about being a gold digger,

“And I’m not. I’m not a gold digger,” she added. “I don’t—if that’s the case, I’d be dating everybody that tries to talk to me with money. I don’t, and I’m not a gold digger. I’ve worked since I was fifteen, like, I take care of my kids. I don’t get any child support.” 

“I don’t need to ask for anything for certain things my kids because I can do everything myself. If their father wants to do things for them and then they do that on their own time if they want to [say], hey, here’s some money for this or that, or you know whatever. But I don’t really ask for anything. I’m able to do everything on my own.”

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