Jordyn Woods Enters #BussItChallenge and That Thang Is Thangin’

There hasn’t been a challenge in a while that has had the staying power that the #BussItChallenge has.  Every time the #BussItChallenge looks as if it is going to slow down with others coming to take its place, someone comes through with another monumental showing that breathes new life and the challenge bounces back… pun intended.

We’ve seen Australian rapper and new mom Iggy Azalea go viral with the Erica Banks tune on social media.  The new mom and “Kream” rapper gave the world something to talk about when her challenge showcased her into something more stunning.  Fox Soul’s Tamron Hall came through to represent those that want the world to know “mama wasn’t always a mama.”  

Perhaps the most talked-about entry as of late has been Chloe Bailey’s #BussItChallenge that broke the Internet.  The clip brought millions of views and tons of likes, and is still being talked about today as many have donned her the “winner”.  

Just when everyone thought that was it and after Chloe there would (or should) be none other, enter Jordyn Woods #BussItChallenge.  Seemingly unbothered in the fact that the challenge may be old to many, she took to her Instagram stories to share that she was preparing to shake the world.  “I told you I would give you this ‘Buss It’ challenge,” Woods stated in a video. “Some of you might be like, ‘Oh that’s old news.’ I’mma still do it so I’m doing my makeup right now so I can film it.”


worth the wait 🤪 ##bussitchallenge

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Once it was time to debut, fans weren’t ready for what was ahead.  “Worth the wait,” Woods captioned her entry as fans see her in a black hoodie and sweats during the classic Nelly sample.  Once the intro has finished setting the pace and Woods completes whetting appetites and desires of viewers, the 808s of Erica Banks’ tune propels Woods to proceed to titillate her followers.  

She descends to the ground in a black bodysuit with cut-outs exposing a black thong.  Fans were sent into a frenzy afterward, with her boyfriend Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl Anthony Towns giving his stamp of approval.  “God is good,” he commented under Jordyn Woods #BussItChallenge.  Another fan wrote, “Jordyn Woods #BussItChallenge. Her a** bouncing to the back of her neck. Delete before my man sees.”

Her entry also prompted many to create jokes surrounding Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.  “Jordyn Woods looks like a whole new person after she was freed from the Kardashians,” tweeted one user.  Another wrote, “I still think about how the Kardashians tried to cancel Jordyn Woods and it back fired.”

Check out some more fan reactions below.  

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