Joseline Hernandez Dragged After Getting On Her Knees To Kiss Fiance’s Feet On National TV, Fans Blame Stevie J For ‘Ruining’ The Reality Star

Joseline Hernandez, the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” has been in the hearts and minds of social media ever since she stepped on the scene on Love and Hip Hop.  There are two types of people in this world:  those that want to be famous, and those that don’t.  Hernandez definitely falls into the category of those that want to be, as she doesn’t mind being the topic of conversation.

Fans and viewers don’t just get a taste of Hernandez, but whoever she is in a relationship with.  The Joseline’s Cabaret star famously dated Stevie J for years, as famously documented on the reality tv series, as well as their spin-off Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood.  After sharing a child together, the pair went through an embroiled battle that played out for the public to see both on and off-air.

Years after the relationship ended, Joseline’s next and current relationship would be with DJ Ballistics.  Ever since debuting her new beau, the couple has been seen paired up together and nothing short of inseparable.  Hernandez holds no stops in showing off the love of her life as many times as possible on social media.  

Upon learning of the couple’s new relationship status, fans showered the television personality with praises and their approval.  “I approve 100%,” commented one user, echoing the sentiments of many others, “ohhh what a upgrade Joseline you guys look amazing together.”  Another user pinpointed the power of having the right partner in your corner and the affect that has on your spirit.  “She wasn’t an angry woman like love and hip hop made her seem she was just with the wrong man! Look how happy she looks with u now. Wow,” they exclaimed.

Not shy of a reality show opportunity, Hernandez was a cast member on the last season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop” alongside Ballistic.  On the show’s season finale, Hernandez and viewers alike were given a shock when he proposed to her.  If you recall, she was once engaged to Stevie J and the two claimed to have married, but it was later revealed to have been fake.  

Amidst predictable naysayers, fans and supporters couldn’t have been happier for Hernandez as it seems that she had finally found real and true love.  She as well expressed her excitement for the new journey in her life with a post to her Instagram celebrating her new journey towards becoming a wife.  “I’m Getting Married Bishhhhhh,” the Puerto Rican Princess exclaimed. “I [love] you @balisticbeats. Thank you Everyone for congratulating me on my engagement.”

Marriage Boot Camp had other memorable moments for the couple as well.  One scene that fans highlighted on the show, happened to also showcase a bit of odd behavior from Hernandez.  She happened to be partying with other men in their home, while Ballistic supposedly spied on the event the whole time.  While in her swimsuit, she was seen feeding fruit to a random man, and Ballistic went, well… ballistic. 

With a smirk, Joseline asks, ”Why you mad?” Ballistic yelled, “What you mean, why I’m mad?… Get inside, man. Party over, man… You think this a game?”  After a bit more arguing, his anger gets a bit more intense and he hits a glass off of the table before walking away […] You disrespected me. I told you to treat me like a king. You don’t disrespect me.”

The two calm down after a while, and worked it out, but it was what happened after they worked it out that had fans scratching their heads.  In a room full of spectators, Hernandez proceeded to lean down and kiss his feet. 

Social media was indeed filled with comments and concerns.  “The way I just hollered  Girlll get the hell up the man asked for RESPECT, not feet kissing you doing too much now,” commented one user.  Another chimed in with, “Oh Stevie ruined the F–– out that girl ain’t no way she go from stepping on throats to kissing feet.” 

Many fans said that this behavior was “not the Joseline that they knew” and claimed the relationship to be toxic.  Hopefully, that’s not a practice that Ballistic meant when he said to “treat him like a king.”

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