Judge Joe Brown Blasts Lizzo For Being An Overweight Twerking Hippo, Calls Cardi B A Street Walking Wh** For Content Being Shared Online

It seems as though for some the older you get, the less you care about. We’ve seen some of the most prominent figures exchange hilarious accounts of their younger years, withholding no information back as they speak on others. We remember Quincy Jones’s moment when he brought extraordinary accounts of his life and others he’s encountered which included everybody from Michael Jackson, to Marlon Brando, to Richard Pryor. Another elder is now speaking out on some other folks, but this time it’s celebrities of today. Judge Joe Brown sat down with Kwame Brown and he’s got some insulting opinions on some of your favorite artists.

Judge Joe Brown is a former lawyer and Tennessee Criminal Court judge who also made history as the first African American prosecutor in Memphis. He would soon catch the attention of producers of the Judge Judy show. In September of 1998, his show debuted, and he’d be known for his unfiltered, “no-nonsense” approach. It would eventually run until 2013.

Brown’s show soon became one of the highest and longest-running shows of its kind before the ratings began to decline and its ultimate cancellation. Soon after, Judge Joe Brown would enter in the news headlines, but for controversial reasons. Brown was locked up in 2014 and charged with five counts of contempt after being verbally abusive during a child support case.

Brown is back in the news now after appearing on former NBA player Kwame Brown’s newly launched Kwame Brown Bust Life podcast. During the conversation, the former judge gave no holds barred opinions on a few artists and celebrities like Charlamagne Tha God (who Kwame Brown got involved in a back and forth with over the last week), Kamala Harris, as well as Cardi B and Lizzo.

Within their over 2-hour conversation, Judge Brown states that his issue with the Breakfast Club is their support of the LGBT community. He feels as though the syndicated radio show is part of the “agenda that pushes the narrative of the LGBTQIA+, whatever the hell it is right now,” as he states. He further claims that he would be a challenge as a guest for them but if he would appear on there he would prefer it to be a “neutral place where all the rainbow s**t” wouldn’t be present.

Judge Brown’s comments get more disrespectful as he begins to speak on “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo and “WAP” rapper Cardi B. “I’m straight, I’m a heterosexual. But when I Lizzo, the lizard hippo with her bare, flat, flabby a** trying to twerk in public looking like a d*mn harlot in front of children, you see that’s not right,” he said. Kwame Brown is seen on the other side of the split-screen laughing along as Judge Brown berates the Grammy-Award winning singer.

On Cardi B, the 73-year-old adds, “When I look at Cardi B, who is a street walking h*e who brags about how she used to dr*g men so she could rob them… you see that kind of thing put up is an exemplar of heterosexuality and normalcy that is not normal. Something’s wrong with it.”

You can check out a clip of the conversation below and our coverage of Judge Brown’s comments on Kamala Harris here..

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