K. Michelle Responds To Wendy Williams After TV Host Jokes About Her Leaving Silicone On Idris Elba’s Sheets

On the Thursday episode of her hit talk show, Wendy Williams took K. Michelle’s sour experience and turned it into day time TV gold. While covering the story about Michelle’s backside allegedly “popping” on an Instagram live with her fans, Williams added some embellishments about her incident and how it may have played a role in her relationship with Idris Elba.

Michelle was candid with fans who expressed concerns when they saw her back side appear to deflate. In the past she’s been upfront about receiving injections, and how the enhancements were beginning to cause her a lot of pain. She decided to embark on the long strenuous process of removing the silicone, and is a few surgeries away from being done. Because she’s only at the half way mark, she still has a little extra skin that needs to be removed, which is what fans saw when she was twerking on her IG to Cardi B’s “Up”.

Taking to her twitter when the video first went viral, she said ““I got on live yesterday and didn’t care that I wasn’t perfect, I knew I had excessive fat left over but I said F*** it i’m not going to hide nothing in my house.” she told her fans.

Williams, who is also infamous for getting work done, explained to her audience the difference between saline and silicone, and how silicone can often seep into other parts of the body and come out in weird places. This is when things got interested.

“She didn’t know why she had so many aches in her body.” Williams said. “It took awhile for [the silicone] to squish down and she said ‘oh my god whats this on my underwear’” She paused for the audible groan from the audience, then continued “I dont know that that is what she said, i can only imagine the tragedy of the situation…leaving silicone on Idris Elba’s sheets…” referring to the time when K. Michelle dated Idris Elba.

The cringy moment immediately went viral. Michelle, who is no stranger at firing back at her critics, decided to take the high road this time. Noting that many blogs edited Wendy’s coverage to only the messy parts.

“If your going to report the story report the whole thing blogs. She also said this. You needed a story that bad huh?” she said in an Instagram post.

Many blogs omitted the parts of Williams coverage where she commended Michelle on trying to get better, acknowledged the unfair treatment she gets from the public due to “jealous” over her relationship with Idris, and plugged her upcoming country debut. Williams even invited Michelle onto the show for a performance.

“[People are] secretly very jealous of K. Michelle, and they are bored with their own lives.” Williams told her audience. “You’re mad because she sings and you’re mad because she yoddles and you’re mad because this coming summer her now country album is coming out, you’re mad.”

Michelle concluded her post letting people know there was no bad blood, and excepting Williams invite to the show. “See you soon Wendy. ( definitely not a clap back, I don’t have a problem with this woman).”

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