R&B Singer K. Michelle Reveals New Selfie, Fans Believe She Stole Someone Else’s Face and Now Looks Like Moniece Slaughter

R&B singer K. Michelle has her fans asking a bevy of questions lately. “Where’s the new music?” “What’s next for K. Michelle?” “Who TF Is This?” some even questioned earlier this year when fans of hers were confused after she posted a picture debuting what many were led to believe was a new face. And now, here we are again with a new slate of selfies posted by the singer which has fans asking, “No seriously, who’s that girl and what did she do to the K. Michelle we remember?”

Prominent names in the entertainment industry have been getting cosmetic enhancements to their body for years and is not a new practice. It’s only become a bit more common as of recent years for some stars to become candid about procedures they’ve had done, yet some continue to keep theirs under wraps. Memphis native K. Michelle is one of those that has been open about her previous surgeries.

The country music hopeful has shared in the past that she has gotten work on her breasts, butt, hips, and teeth. It was her decision to enhance the butt that has caused her many complications over time. Her initial reason for wanting to make her butt bigger was due to insecurities with her body, as well as with love and men.

“I’ve always been curvy [but] it wasn’t enough,” K. Michelle admitted in a past interview with The Real. “I thought, I want to take it to the extreme. I’m having trouble with men right now, maybe if I had a huge butt I’ll get even bigger love.”

The singer, who has also been diagnosed with Lupus, felt that she had at one point been suffering from complications due to the diseases. However, doctors discovered that it was due to the injections that she received. K. Michelle further shared thoughts that she feels people are reluctant to discuss, such as the heavy weight that the legs have to support from the injections, as well as those who are without the proper financial capabilities to have them removed.

It is for this reason that the singer decided to have her implants removed, further detailing to People in 2018 about her choice to go forward with the black market injections. Because of this, she had to undergo four surgeries and two blood transfusions at the time.

“Now we know the outcome of these [injections]. Before it was up in the air, but now we know the outcome, that your body cannot handle foreign objects in it,” K. Michelle said at the time, as still had more recovering at the time to do. Earlier this year the singer was seen twerking in a video to her followers when an incident involving her butt happened, as it seemingly moved out of place.

Many on social media outside of those who caught it while she was on Instagram Live had much to say about the ordeal, which caused the singer to speak up about it on Twitter. After reiterating her recovery process for the surgeries she shared, “What u saw in the video was a happy woman with a faja and my extra fat! I’ve been very open so I can heal ladies,” Michelle tweeted. “I didn’t have to tell anybody and I could’ve covered up until the process was done, but NO. Ladies need to see and hear the truth. I decided to use my platform to help.”

Recently, fans have begun to pinpoint changes in the singer’s face as well, although she has yet to confirm or deny fans claims. K. Michelle hopped onto Instagram Live for yet another session with her fans that left them questioning whether or not she had work done at the time.

Feeling fresh and summer ready, K Michelle posted a new set of pictures to her social media donning a new look ala pink hair. However, fans feel as though she’s showing off more than just new hair, and some are even more confused as to who they are looking at in the pictures.

While the singer asked her fans to call her “Pinky” today, many are asking if that’s even K. Michelle with reactions like, “Why you look different sis?” and “Harpo who dis woman?”

Some fans in the comments thought that the singer was actually her Love & Hip Hop castmate, Moniece Slaugther. Another was so confused and commented that whoever was posted in the photo was not as cute as the singer. “You look soooo pretty but not pretty like kmichelle,” they commented.

Shortly after all the hoopla, K. Michelle took to her social media to give an emotional response to all the fans who questioned her looks. Her response as well as more hilarious reactions from fans below.

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