Kandi Burruss’ Baby Daddy Claims He Had A Family While Dealing With Kandi, Says Singer Told Wife She Was Pregnant

Kandi Burruss found happiness with husband Todd Tucker in 2014. The two share a child, Ace Wells Tucker. The couple has had their relationship heavily documented on their show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

One relationship not covered in the show, her relationship with Baby Daddy Russell “Block” Spencer. Block is the father of her eldest child Riley Burruss.

He runs an Atlanta based music label/music management company which helped push hit records for Yung Joc and Boys in the Hood.

The two share a rocky relationship, one he recently added fuel too after comments he made on radio show B High ATL. He accused Kandi of being a side chick and starting issues with his wife when they first got involved.

“When I was dealing with Kandi, I already had a family. So, then I had a daughter inside of that. Then you go behind my back and call my girl and tell her you pregnant, you gotta handle that beef yourself. My girl at home said ‘b—h f—you, you ain’t coming here.’”

Block went on to say that he put a check in the mail for Riley for 14 years. For whatever reason his child support debt was not cleared. He reportedly owes $100,000 in unpaid child support. Kandi discussed his debt on season 13 of RHOA. Riley has also called her father a bum.

“I feel like my father never really did anything,” said Riley. “It’s time for him to at least provide something when I’m going away to college.”

“Wasn’t I like 15 when he came around and tried to start talking again? When you are only the bum father to me, it just kind of rubs me the wrong way because you had the capability to be there because I can see it with all your other children,” she said on the show. “I have the people around me who I’m already comfortable with, so I feel like I just kind of moved past the point where he’s necessary.”

In a sit down for the show, Kandi did confirm that the two only dated briefly and that she ended things once she found out he had a family. “We only dated a few months. It was very short. I found out he was still in a relationship with his other kids’ mom, so I ended our relationship, but I was already pregnant with Riley.”

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