Karrine Steffans Reveals Smashing 18-Year-Old Michael B. Jordan, Chris Brown & Trey Songz Tried To Urinate On Her

Karrine Steffans is a name synonymous with drama and tea. Well before the dawn of Love & Hip-Hop, Steffans had build a name for herself thanks to her connection to several rap superstars. She turned this into a best selling book, Confessions of a Video Vixen, released in 2005. Now over a decade later she is revealing more stories about other men not featured in the original book including Trey Songz, Michael B. Jordan and Chris Brown.

Mostly famously Steffans was linked to actor Columbus Short. The two married in January 2016 and had a tumultuous relationship. Eventually they split and Short remarried. In 2018 however, Steffans came forward with evidence claiming that Short was a bigamist and was married to someone else when they wed after he tried to deny that he and Steffans were ever married in the first place. At the time she spoke to Page Six saying “I’ve been silent in the press for two years, but I’m tired of all the lies they tell about me.” According to the publication “Steffans sent us a copy of her marriage certificate, and says that she now believes he denied that they were ever married because he was still married to actress Tanee McCall.”

Steffans was also linked to Family Matters star Darius McCrary in 2009. Speaking on their union McCrary recalls “Everyone was so shocked when I walked into the room with her. Whoa. She was lookin’ hot. She’s a gorgeous woman. She’s beautiful, I mean she’s amazing in so many ways. What attracted me to Karrine wasn’t her body, it was her mind. So you put that kind of mind into that kind of body and it’s dangerous. We fell in love, man, we were headed 95 going south on the interstate. It was amazing.” 

Steffans continues to add men to her little black book and recently opened up about it with LaLa Milan on her podcast The Salon. She recalls Trey Songz attempting to urinate on her for her birthday. “Trey Songz tried to pee on me” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Trey, that’s not how birthdays work.’ It was my 38th birthday.”

Her encounters with Michael B Jordan and Chris Brown occurred when they were both much younger, she believes they were both around 18. When asked about Jordan she responded “It was fine… It was alright.” She appears to have enjoyed Chris Brown more, recalling that he took advantage of her but that she enjoyed it. “In my defense, he took advantage, but I liked it,” Steffans added. “I didn’t see it coming.”

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