R&B Singer Keke Wyatt Reveals She Wants More Children

If you watched TV One’s R&B Divas, a unscripted program running for three seasons, you surely would be familiar with powerhouse vocalist Keke Wyatt.

Wyatt took R&B radio by storm on a guest appearance on fellow crooner Avant’s cover of Rene & Angela’s early 80s jam, “My First Love” at the turn of the Century. Having bolstered Avant’s album to platinum status with her celebrated melodiousness, Wyatt rode that wave to personal success in her debut studio album, Soul Sista in the fall of 2001. Soul Sista went platinum buoyed by three singles, one of which- another collaboration with Avant- “Nothing In This World” exhibited her dynamic vocal agility, inventive runs, and colorful timbre that her would become her calling card.

Who else can pull off a rendition of a Patti LaBelle classic that you can even appreciate, let alone not find to be wholly derivative and lackluster? (See her cover of: “If Only You Knew”…)

Her personal life is a bit more tumultuous: her marriage to her first husband, in which she was a repeated victim of domestic violence, surpassed her music after the news of her allegedly stabbing him became public.

She would remarry shortly after that toxic union with three kids in tow. Her second marriage, to Michael Ford, who often accompanied her on R&B Divas, spanned from 2010 to 2018. The pair produced five children together, bringing Keke’s total to a relatively vintage eight. 

After the dissolution of that union, the Indianapolis-bred diva married her childhood sweetheart, Zackariah Darring. And early last year, Wyatt gave birth to her ninth child, a baby boy named Ke’Riah.

Recently during an Instagram Live, AMA session (“Ask Me Anything’) with fans and followers, Wyatt was asked, “Do you want more kids?!!” Wyatt promptly responded, “Yes.”

An older member of her offspring, standing somewhere just beyond Keke’s camera and imbued with ire, swiftly replied, “How much more you need?!? You already got a whole football team. What? No…”

Undaunted, Wyatt retorted, “You ‘bout to be gone. Shut up.”

What’s striking is the raw comedy this clip delivers. Take a few seconds and check the link below.

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