KeKe Wyatt Sick and Tired Of Black People Complaining About Being Mistreated

Keke Wyatt is stirring controversy with some statements that she’s made recently made concerning colorism within the Black community.  Fans of Wyatt have experienced her erraticism in the past and have made excuses for the singer.  “Perhaps being the mother of ten children makes her a bit crazy,” has been a consensus for many of her supporters, but it seems like with her latest comments that “Nothing In This World” seems like it’s going to pull her out of this one.

A recent guest on The Mahne Tea with a panel of others that also included former Love And Hip Hop star Milan Christopher, conversations became intense when surrounded by social issues surrounding African Americans.  In a clip that has since gone viral, Milan Christopher begins to speak on how Black people have been  “segregated, persecuted, hunted down, killed, stolen from, and humiliated.”  His sentiment, however, is one that the singer vehemently disagrees with.

Rolling her eyes, Wyatt wastes no time in getting to her opinions by interrupting Christopher’s statements.  “So have Mexicans. So have other people, honey,” said the singer. “Black people are not the only ones who have gone through that. Look at the Jews!”

Not being able to complete his thought, Milan attempted to keep the conversation respectful so that all points can come across.  Keke, already incensed, wasn’t having it. “I don’t understand. We biracial, right. We love everybody, but then you got your certain Black folks that just “n***a, n***a, n***a, n***a,” she continued. “I’m getting upset and my husband doesn’t like it, so I’m going to excuse myself because you are so pro-Black and it’s okay to be pro-Black. Power to the Black people.”

Milan notices the sarcasm in Wyatt’s tone and continues his attempt to speak, but realizes he’s losing a battle.  She adds, “You have to understand Black people are not the only people that have been oppressed. They are not the only ones […] Jewish people have been oppressed, okay. I can keep going. I’m biracial d*****t! We f****n oppressed… ’cause Black people done made us feel like s**t! White people make us feel like s**t! You don’t know that life! You don’t know that! So, if you want me to be an ignorant a** n***a I will tonight. I don’t want to go there!”

Wyatt’s comments as well as demeanor became a tense subject on social media, as users brought their fingers to the “cancel button” swiftly.  “Keke wyatt all lives mattering it up I see lol,” commented one user.  Another writes, “KeKe Wyatt…another lost ass light skin person who wa t to let everyone know they black but spew anti black shit smh. Lame.”  One person on Twitter felt that Wyatt should “stick [to] singing and stay out of black people business if she’s going to talk stupid about the truth.”

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