Kevin Hart Claims White Privilege and White Power Is Worse Today Than Back In The Day, Gets Called Out By Bill Maher and Angry White Fans

Kevin Hart recently sat down with the New York Times to discuss racism in America. The A-list comedian was the focus or an article titled “Kevin Hart on how white America needs to help end police brutality”. In it, he discussed a number of things relating to the topic, at one point saying “white power and white privilege is at an all time high”. Fellow comedian and late show host Bill Haher took issue with this comment, taking to his show to point out what he thinks is a “gross exaggeration” of the truth by someone “scarred by racism”.

During his sit down with The New York Times, Hart initially focused on his new audiobook titled “The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success.” The self-help audio book is part of a partnership with Audible. A large part of the book focuses on creating a positive mindset. The conversation quickly shifted to the social issues and unrest going on in America and how that positive mindset can be applied to dealing with some of the traumas of police brutality. Speaking on it, Hart talks about how hard it can be to stay positive saying “I’m a guy that tries my best to be on a nice, levelheaded plane, but we’re talking about another man who was murdered by cops. Slow-murdered with a knee on his neck! At this point, the highest level of anger and frustration should be attached to this, and if you don’t understand that or don’t see it, the only thing that I can say is that you’re a part of the problem.”

Hart also pointed out how he tends to stay away from politics, particularly in his comedy. “This isn’t a laughing matter for me. This isn’t something that I choose to make material out of. This is serious”. He continued “You’re witnessing white power and white privilege at an all-time high. For those who say they don’t understand that, or don’t see it, or are confused as to what that means, I’m going to say you’re a part of the problem.”

Maher took issue with the bit about white privilege and addressed it on his show. “This is one of the big problems with wokeness. What you say doesn’t have to make sense” he told his audience. He went on to dismiss Hart’s claims as ridiculous and make comparisons between todays racism and the racism faced during the day of Motown, The Tulsa Massacre and even slavery. He stopped to make a joke about slavery saying “I mean actual slavery not Prince doesn’t like his record contract slavery.”

Hart went on to respond in a series of tweets letting Maher know the real intention behind his words and asking that people ready the full article and not only parts that are the most salacious.

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