Kevin Hart Reveals All His ‘Side Chicks’ Left Him After Adult Tape Scandal, Says Wife & Kids Are All He Has Left In New Hilarious Comedy Special Trailer

Comedian Kevin Hart is releasing his next comedy special, a pandemic not stopping his drive for conquest. The comedian has a deal at Netflix and has delivered his next comedy special, with the trailer dropping some insight into the topics he’ll cover – which apparently include his adult tape debacle.

Stemming from quite an embarrassing incident in 2017 for the comedian, Hart’s just been cleared from a major lawsuit that was hanging over his head.

After initially filing the lawsuit in 2019, Montia Sabbag – who “appeared” with Kevin Hart in a film that Hart and Sabbag claimed didn’t know was being recorded – has had the latest version of her case thrown out in court.

Though it was discovered that one of Kevin’s friends had set him up, Sabbag pursued her case regardless.  In the end, a California judge ordered all claims against the comedian in Sabbag’s $60 million case were dismissed.

The 2017 tryst has lost Kevin a friend and he had to apologize to his wife – over social media. At the time, they’d been expecting child #2. Wife Eniko Hart finally gave birth to the latest addition to the Hart clan. The proud parents shared the first full-on glimpse of newborn Kaori Mai Hart on Instagram, showing off the baby wearing a cute pink bow.

Mother Eniko had previously shared her own tribute to the newborn, writing her own heartfelt caption in dedication to her latest child joining the world. “when your heart literally lives outside of your body all over again. Ori my girl you are everything i could’ve ever imagined plus more. My light ✨💜.”

Hart’s caption was simple and said, “All I can do is smile.”

Kevin’s smiling now and according to the trailer for his latest comedy special Zero F**ks Given, it’s because he knows that his wife and children are all that he has left.  Recorded in his own living room thanks to the pandemic, the special covers other topics like the infamous tape scandal that almost broke his marriage apart and cost him a friend.

Releasing November 17th on Netflix, Hart explained also why the special was recorded in his home and how it was empowering him to have “zero filter.”

“I’m no longer comfortable anywhere else but my house. I’m in my f—ing comfort zone, I’m gonna let it fly today. Everything that I f—ing feel, I’m gonna f—ing say,” he says to the small audience that shows how the comedian’s normal penchant for arena shows has been capped.

“I told my friends that I was going to start doing comedy again. They said, ‘What you gonna talk about, Kev? You gonna talk about your wife and kids again?’ I said, ‘What else do I have? All my b–ches left after the sex tape.”

See the clip below.

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