Kevin Hart Slammed For Dressing Newborn In ‘Profanity-Laced’ Outfit, Fans Suggest Child Services Will Be Calling If He Doesn’t Take The Shirt Off

Kevin Hart’s latest Netflix special has just hit the airwaves and it seems fans are more upset at one of the comedian’s Instagram posts than they are excited about his latest release. With Hart beating back a bevy of negative press over the past year or so, one would think a post of his newborn baby girl would give people joy. Instead, he’s being called inappropriate.

Kevin Hart welcomed a new bundle of joy during the pandemic with wife Eniko Hart. The couple welcomes child #4 to their clan, with the newest addition joining not too long after the last.

The proud father shared the first full-on glimpse of newborn Kaori Mai Hart on his Instagram account to his 100 million followers, showing off her cute pink bow.

Mother Eniko had previously shared her own tribute to the newborn, writing her own heartfelt caption in dedication to her latest child joining the world. “when your heart literally lives outside of your body all over again. Ori my girl you are everything i could’ve ever imagined plus more. My light ✨💜.”

Hart’s caption was simple and said, “All I can do is smile.”

Kevin’s smiling now and according to the trailer for his latest comedy special Zero F**ks Given, it’s because he knows that his wife and children are all that he has left.  Recorded in his own living room thanks to the pandemic, the special covers other topics like the infamous sex tape scandal that almost broke his marriage apart and cost him a friend.

“I told my friends that I was going to start doing comedy again. They said, ‘What you gonna talk about, Kev? You gonna talk about your wife and kids again?’ I said, ‘What else do I have? All my bit**es left after the sex tape.”

Since all that has now are his children and cute newborn Kaori, Kevin’s definitely going to continue to show off his pride and joys on Instagram – especially given that his new special was recorded in his living room.

Fans, however, seem to have a different idea about how Kevin shouldn’t be promoting his special using his daughter as a spokesmodel, after he posted a picture of her wearing merch from the new special. Given the title of his new special, Zero F***s Given, it made sense that some followers were apprehensive about seeing the baby in the gear.

“My baby supporting her daddy on opening day,” wrote the star comedian with a ton of exclamation points. “Go get some comedy in yo life damn it!

Maybe if fans had, they wouldn’t have been so upset by his post.

“Should a child really wear that,” wrote one disturbed fan. “Now why would a newborn want to wear this explicative expression,” questioned another fan.

Others understood the spirit of the post, with one fan commenting “I would have preferred an I support my Daddy Kevin Heart ❤️ Shirt for such a beautiful baby ….but she your baby…lol.” Even if his last name was spelled incorrectly, at least Kaori’s shirt wasn’t.

See the post below.

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