Kevin Samuels Claims Women Who Alter Their Bodies To ‘Comical Proportions’ Typically Ends Up Husbandless and Unwed

Kevin Samuels is becoming the go to for internet memes. The well dressed controversial relationship guru does not hold his tongue when its time to share his opinion on the men and woman of today. His practical and painfully realistic approach is whats made him so popular. He recently did a series of interviews with VladTV that are doing what Vlad interviews do, going viral and starting heated internet conversations. One topic he discussed was the standards of men in todays landscape and how women with “enhancements” could possibly end up husband-less.

Samuels has seen a spike in popularity recently, no doubt thats to the controversy surrounding fellow instagram relationship guru Derrick Jaxn. While the details of Samuels personal life remain relatively out of the narrative, Jaxn opted to include his wife and personal life in his branding and ultimately lost out when it was uncovered that he’d been cheating on his wife repeatedly. Samuels has managed to stay away from such controversy.

During the week, people tried to “out” Samuels after a live discussion he had with fans got a bit “glitchy”. His camera shifted to reveal a man sleeping in bed, with many believing then man to be in Samuels home. This prompted twitter to brand Samuels as gay, and question his criteria to judge heterosexual relationships. This obviously has not been proven to be true, and Samuels seems like he’s be able to move past the “glitch” relatively scott free.

While speaking with Vlad, they talked about women getting plastic surgery following a discussion on Saweetie. In his personal opinion, Samuel admitted that slight adjustments are fine. However its the women with “comical proportions” that concern him. He says if you look at the majority of those women they are not married or not married to a man of value. “Jessica Rabbit was a cartoon for a reason”, he explained when talking on the impossible figures of women in entertainment.

Vlad asked, “[but] you see these women with super star men. They are not married but they are with them. They have a kid. they are living the lavish lifestyle.” He goes on to say that most women associate the unrealistic bodies with attracting these type of men which is why they get them, but agreeing that most of them are not married despite living the fancy life.

Samuels continued “If you listen to them they will say, I wish i stayed with a normal guy. Thats the guy I should have married”, pointing out that most of them are not truly happy with the bodies and lifestyles once they have them. “Alot of mix messages are getting sent out to women.”

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