Kevin Samuels, ‘Dating Guru’ Who Says All ‘High-Value’ Men Cheat and Women Who Want Them Should Accept It, Rates Saweetie A 6

Social media is already swarmed with self-prescribed various “self-help gurus” and “consultants”, but there apparently never seems enough.  In a world already oversaturated with opinionated people already, every day another seems to be birthed.  If Derrick Jaxn did not suffice for some, perhaps the up-and-coming Kevin Samuels will do? 

Kevin Samuels labels himself a dating guru and image consultant who began to gain notoriety for his blunt commentary and advice to his followers.  Often labeled “misogynistic”, Samuels’s no-holds-barred approach continuously stirs controversy, yet continues to entertain social media and increase his follower amount across the board. 

Knowing that they have placed themselves in to the line of fire, fans take the leap to attempt to challenge his viewpoints all the time.  Although he has faced some backlash for his direct approach, particularly to women, he equally has criticized those men who feel as though they are more deserving of a certain type of woman.   

One of Samuels’s conversations went viral recently with a woman by the name of Meochia Simmons during an episode on his Youtube show.  The episode, titled “High-Value Men `Cheat” showcased Simmons and a few other women engaging in the topic of infidelity issues with dating men of a certain standard, with him believing that all men in that category cheat and the women who want them should accept it. 

The conversation took a turn (in true form when dealing with Samuels) when he began criticizing her Simmons for her height and weight, and likened her to former NFL player Emmit Smith.  “You’re about the size that Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders were,” said Samuels to Simmons.  “You’re a running back size. You can hit the A-gap like a [MF].” 

While he’s been criticized for his delivery, there are many that have rushed to engage in conversation with Samuels.  One such person who was able to have him on his platform is Joe Budden, who invited Samuels on to “The Joe Budden Podcast.” 

In the midst of their talk, Joe asked Samuels to address his recent rating of rapper Saweetie’s looks, whom he gave a six out of a scale of ten.  To further clarify, Samuels, views Saweetie as “an adjustable six, meaning she could go from cute to pretty.” 

“I look at you fresh-faced, no makeup, your natural state and if you have ever seen her pictures, fresh-faced, natural state, she’s a cute woman who can be pretty,” he said. “But I don’t think she’s ever gonna be considered to be beautiful or gorgeous. That does not mean she’s bad…” 

Joe Budden then swiftly cuts Samuels off to get his point across.  After more back and forth, it is Kevin’s belief that not every woman believes that she is a “10”, but the truth is more quite the opposite.   

Check out a clip of the conversation below. 

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