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Khloé Kardashian Accused Of Stealing Beyonce’s Face After Debuting New Look, Now Looks Exactly Like Beyonce

Though her show with her sisters is coming to an end soon, it seems as if Khloé Kardashian is determined to keep the checks coming in, sisters or not. She recently announced a new income stream as a spokesperson for makeup subscription service Ipsy but something’s gone awry with the photoshoot and Khloé’s catching heat – for looking like Beyoncé.

According to Page Six, a source has told the outlet that part of the reason the show is ending is because of salary demands and it seems as if Kris is ready to get the bag a different way. There’s talk of a streaming deal along the lines of those that stars such as Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy and others have signed – for hundreds of millions of dollars.

E! paid the family $150 million in 2017 but with people getting $300 million dollars from places like Netflix for their services, one can see the appeal of leaving broadcast/cable for streaming. There’s even been talk of them starting their own media company, though no clear definition of what that would look like just yet.

Mostly the family also wants a break, after 13 years on camera doing reality TV, and it seems their open to doing different types of shows, even one reportedly like “Shark Tank” that focuses on them as businesswomen.

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Something that shifts the narrative for the sisters might be a great idea at this point, because this isn’t the first time that they’ve been accused of either manipulating their photos to the point of looking like other women or even being accused of outright “Blackface.”

Previously, sister Kylie has been accused of jocking Beyonce’s style and wearing outfits that are similar to Queen Bey. It’s a common occurrence and one that many would assume comes with being one of the most heavily followed people in the world, but even sister Kim Kardashian has been accused of the same thing.

Kim Kardashian appeared to be channeling Beyoncé in a cover shoot for biannual fashion magazine 7HOLLYWOOD, which some intrepid fans pointed out. Beyoncé is a fan of Thierry Mugler and Kim was styled similarly to a Beyoncé dress, wearing a dress by the same designer.

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What also took many people by surprise was her seemingly-darkened skin. Fashion Instagram Diet Prada was one of the firsts to bring up the issue of Kim Kardashian-West possibly being in Blackface. The outrage soon went viral and spread to all corners of the Internet, which lead to actress Amanda Seales accusing Kim Kardashian of donning “Blackface” as well

Now, it’s sister Khloé’s turn of catching the accusations but her Ipsy promo shoot isn’t helping the sister’s case that they aren’t stans of Queen Bey.

Fans joked that Kardashian appeared to be doing “Beyoncé cosplay,” meaning that she’s such a fan that she’s walking around in public, dressed up as the character – in this case, Beyoncé.

Noticing her changed appearance, fans pointed out how much Khloé looked like Beyoncé in the shoot, and even took to social media to make their own comparisons from old photos of Beyoncé and inserting the latest shots of Khloé into the mix.

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