Khloe Kardashian Angers Twitter After Using ‘Black Girl’ Emojis To Express Herself During Black History Month

Khloe Kardashian and her family have been criticizing for years. From their ever changing appearances, controversial relationships and tone deaf comments, the Kardashian women have always been a magnet for critique. Khloe especially has received the brunt of it, often accused of cooping black culture and black identities.

Just last year she was slammed on social media for “trying to look black” in a post on May 22nd 2020. The picture of the reality star flaunting some new blonde hair, came under fire because of the singers skin tone and features.

May users accused her of Blackfishing, a modern term that is used to identify people (particularly White women) who utilize artificial tanning (such as tanning beds, tanning lotions, and spray tans) and makeup up to manipulate their facial features and bodies to appear more like someone who has Black/African ancestry. 

“Who is this person??? Obviously she’s not happy with herself so she has changed everything about herself, really really sad!!!😭😭” one Instagram user commented. The post currently has over 5 million likes.

Khloe, who shares a child with NBA Star Tristan Thompson, has continued to be called out for her tanned skin and growing lips in the time since.

In a recent twitter post, she shared a string of face palm emojis. The character she chose had a brown complexion. User immediately called her out. “B****** get a tan and start changing their emoji skin tone..” said one user. “Why are you using jordyn’s emojis ?” joked another user, referencing Jordyn Woods, a former family friend who reportedly got too close to Khloe’s baby daddy at a party in 2019. She was eventually cut off by the famous family.

The post was especially ill received thanks to her storied past “blackfishing” in combination with it being Black History Month. “This the skin tone you chose…during Black History Month?”

Some even speculated that the move was calculated. “on a deeper note these women thrive off of black outrage. They know that that is the only way they will remain relevant and they do it every couple months smh.”

Khloe’s response? She later posted a string of fairy emojis with a noticeably lighter complexion.

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