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Kim Kardashian Ready For Ugly Divorce Battle, Now Reportedly Wants Full Custody Of All Four Children From Estranged Husband, Kanye West

The whirlwind of 2020 should have prepared us for the tumultuous opening of 2021. One week in and we’ve seen – *checks notes* – a winter wildfire, self-described patriots violently occupy the Capitol with scant opposition from law enforcement and the makings of what appears to be the end of the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian union.

Speculation of their marriage’s demise has seen varying degrees of traction over the years; with more steam following Kanye’s support of the Donald Trump, “law and order” presidency contrasting Kim’s celebrated efforts for criminal justice reform. 

In now-deleted tweets, Kanye revealed that he’d considered seeking a divorce from Kardashian-West in 2018 after she met with fellow rapper Meek Mill to discuss his legal challenges. 

Kim was noted to have been increasingly frustrated over the last few years with Ye’s white house aspirations and other episodes that have been largely attributed to the state of his mental health. The pair’s residences may have long telegraphed the schism: Kim continues to live in Los Angeles with their four young children all the while Kanye has spent most of his time on a ranch in Wyoming.

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The fire on the rumors turned up when an Internet personality made ridiculous claims of an affair between Kanye and the make-up and fashion impresario Jeffree Star via TikTok. Reveling in the attention, Star tweeted a personal photo captioned “Ready for Sunday Service”; an allusion to Kanye’s Gospel music series. Star followed up with a photo of dusky snapshot from a dirt road overlooking a natural landscape. This particular post was captioned, I love these beautiful #Wyoming Winter nights.

Other whispers have promoted the idea that Kardashian-West has a romantic liaison with CNN Political Pundit, Van Jones, who has an estranged marital relationship in his own right.

Now media outlet, UK Sun maintains that a close source to Kim is planning on filing for full custody of their four kids: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. The source said, “Kim has made it clear she wants full custody so if Kanye tries to fight her on that, the custody battle will be brutal.”

The unnamed source also told the sun that, “[Kim’s mother] Kris [Jenner] cannot fully control this situation like she typically can with public scandals and she knows that. And Kim cannot fully rely on her mom to make it go away because there’s no way to know exactly what Kanye will do. He knows so much about the family; things they’d never want exposed. They are nervous what he will do with this information.”

Marital splits are significantly more caustic when children are involved. In addition to the massive wealth and larger-than-life fame Kim and Kanye possess, a fight for their two daughters and two sons- ages 7, 5, 2 and 1- will prove to be a bitter, public struggle.

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