Kimbella Surprises Husband Juelz Santana With 2021 Maybach For 39th Birthday

Life for Dipset rapper Juelz Santana hasn’t been the sweetest in recent times.  For the better part of 2020, Santana had been living behind bars for a concealed weapons charge in which he was facing 27 months.  However, in August he was granted an early release, serving only 17 of his initial twenty-seven months.  With the release, instead of much celebration supporters have been wondering, does he have a home to come to?

While behind bars, the “There It Go (Whistle Song)” rapper faced some more legal woes pertaining to his household.  Santana, born Laron James, was reportedly threatened with the loss of his New Jersey home due to his failure to response to a lawsuit from Wells Fargo Bank. 

The rapper first purchased the property in 2005 for $540,000.  According to Bossip that obtained court documents, Santana hadn’t been making mortgage payments on the property since July of 2018.  Chances are the rapper couldn’t respond due to his incarceration, however, Wells Fargo stated to the judge that Santana had ample opportunity to respond.

A judge would then approve the foreclosure, directing the sheriff to place the property on the auction block in order to receive the remaining balance.  It was also reported by news outlets that his wife Kimbella and their three children, were not residing at that residence, but at a nearby mansion they had been renting.

If losing that property wasn’t enough of a blow for the family, they would receive another one shortly after.  Thanksgiving wouldn’t be as joyous for the family due to the fact that now another bank, JP Morgan Chase, evicted the family due to months of unpaid rent, according to court documents.  The nonpayment would then force Chase to sue the couple, ultimately accusing them of squatting illegally.

The couple paid approximately $6,645.91 on the million dollar rental which eventually accumulated to $40,000.  An agreement was later reached that the Dipset affiliate would pay the $40k that was owed in back rent, while additional future monthly payments of $5,000 would go towards purchasing the home.  This settlement would unfortunately break, forcing Chase to sue them once again.

However, on the day of the trial, both parties revealed that they had agreed to a new settlement.  The family would pay the $40k in back rent, while also agreeing to move out of the home.  Immediately, concerned fans began to pray for the Santana family.

It looks like things have started to come on the up and up for them as for Juelz’s 39th birthday, Kimbella gave her husband a fist worth a hefty price.  The Love and Hip Hop star gifted Santana a 2021 Maybach truck, reportedly valued at around $160,000.  “WOW… I Can’t Believe It, My Wife Got Me The MayBach Truck 4 My Bday,” Santana wrote under the Instagram post.  “I Love u Soooooo F*****n Much My Love, U R The Best [Kimbella].”

While the couple celebrated, fans weren’t too happy at the expense… literally.  Many felt as though Kimbella had her priorities messed up in order to gift him the vehicle.  “
CONGRATULATIONS IT’S AH LEASE,” one user commented.  “YOU SCRATCH IT YOU BROUGHT IT.”  Another wrote, “you forgot to mention she went in debt buying you this for your birthday!!”S

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