King Von’s 4-Year-Old Nephew Receives ‘Toy Strap’ From His Mother

The holiday season is usually a rough time for those who have suffered a loss and are still grieving, no matter how long ago it has occurred.  The recent uptick of incidents involving rappers has been at a high rate, with many having been victims of violence just within the last few months, some succumbing to their wounds. 

King Von, real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was one of the rappers whose life was unfortunately cut short after an altercation in front of an Atlanta nightclub escalated with rapper Quando Rando’s entourage. 

Rapper Boosie Badazz, who was recently involved in an incident in Texas, shared thoughts with VladTV where he believes that all rappers should have security in their team, as well as the underestimation of Atlanta.  “King Von supposed to have a strap on him,” Boosie said in the sit-down interview. “I think they kinda underestimated Atlanta. …I feel like they would have been more ready in Chicago, you know what I’m saying? Atlanta a chill spot…n—as really just partying, especially with out-of-towners. They ain’t hatin’ on out-of-towners.”

Boosie added, “[It] goes to show the whole rap game that your entourage got to be ready and everybody gotta be protected […] I liked King Von and I like Quando. Ain’t nothing positive out of this situation.”

Self-proclaimed “King Of The South” rapper T.I. shared a message on his Instagram following the passing of King Von that caused a stir.  “Atlanta is a beautiful progressive city filled with Black excellence,” he wrote. “We uplift each other & win together. Stop coming here to K*ll each other. That s—t is played out. – Management.”  The “Whatever You Like” emcee then captioned the post, “Handle YOUR beefs in YOUR city. Thx in advance.”

King Von’s sister, Kayla B, didn’t take too kindly to the admonishing T.I., who began to expose the rapper’s cheating ways before calling on her “brother” 50 Cent to come to her defense.  “And theses r FACTS! But the energy he always putting in ppl business need to be the same energy he need to make it right wit his daughter,” she wrote.” “Now wea is my brother @50cent get on his a**!”

Rapper 50 Cent then shared a post after Von’s sister invoked him.  In response to T.I.’s initial post, he said “They are hurting, they love that boy he was a way out. I bet you don’t even realize they will k*ll you for what you just said. what hood you from again? come on now it’s quiet time.”

Although Kayla and her family are still grieving the loss of the budding rap star, they’re doing their best to bring joy to the holidays. However, a gift that was given to the late rapper’s nephew and Kayla’s son is causing a bit of controversy, especially given the nature of the gift and the circumstances of their recent loss.  

In a video uploaded by the family, the four-year-old is seen playing with a toy that resembles a real one, gifted to him for Christmas.  Fans on the Internet found fault in the gift and didn’t hold back with their comments.  “1st she aired this so how gone mind our business,” one user begins, “2nd CPS could very well pull up at her crib with her dumba**.”

One Twitter user brought out the differences between a white person teaching their child to use a firearm versus that of a Black man.  “It isn’t a matter of ‘White people can teach their kids how to use guns why can’t we?’,” he writes. “I as a black man fear teaching my kid how to use anything of the sort because we as black people don’t have that privilege!! Therefore, handing King Von’s 6 YO nephew a glock is plain stupid”

See some more responses to King Von’s nephew’s Christmas gift below.

Check out King Von’s sister’s response to the criticism.

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