Kirk Franklin’s Daughter Says She’ll To Go To War Against Her Brother To Protect Her Father

The family drama with Kirk Franklin and his estranged son Kerrion continues to unfold via social media. Kerrion has been telling people for years that his father has been out to get him, accusing his famous dad of trying to get him k*lled. This week he released audio from a phone conversation where Kirk seemed livid and ready to lay hands on his son.

In the video, which Kerrion posted to his social media, his father, Kirk Franklin can be heard yelling explicits and sounding very upset at his son for reasons unknown.

Kerrior caption the clip, “This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this. If I have any issues it’s because of this type of treatment that I deal with behind closed doors.”

In the video, you can hear Kirk Franklin saying “I’ll put my foot in your a**” and “I will break your neck ni***, don’t you ever disrespect me.”

In his own video response, Franklin appeared embarrassed and concerned and he shed some light on the families turmoil. Speaking directly to camera he admits that there has been a rift between he and his son for some time now, choosing to keep the actual details private. He says the call was an attempt to reconcile with his son and featured other members of the family and their family therapist on the line.

“Many of you know I have an older son named Kerrion Franklin. In May, he’ll be 33. For many years, we’ve had a toxic relationship with him as a family,” he said. “We tried for many years through counseling, through therapy, to try and rectify this private family matter.”

“Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper. I said words that were not appropriate and I am sincerely sorry to all of you. I sincerely apologize,” Franklin continued.

Despite dads calm demeanor, Kirk’s daughter Kennedy had a different take on everything. Opting to take sides instead of help heal her family division, his daughter took to her IG live with some words for her older brother.

“I’ll go to war, and thats all i gotta say. I just, i don’t know. I would like people to respect the fact that this is social media. Ya’ll only see what we allow you to see. Thats it. I mean, I just, theres always another side to the story. If someone keeps disrespecting me and trying to ruin my reputation…”

The video cuts off there, but its obvious his daughter is not feeling her brother’s energy. Watch the clip below.

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