Kodak Black Dragged After Recording Video Trashing $100,000 Into Ocean, Flush $100s Down Toilet While People Starve

Kodak Black sparked outrage in a recent social media post. The Florida rapper is known for his unorthodox approach to just about everything, decided the best way to remind people just how rich he is was to throw over $100k into the ocean. Fans took to twitter to criticize his tasteless display.

Kodak Black has been busy flaunting his cash and freedom over the last few months after being one of the many people pardon by former president Donald Trump before exiting office. Black was initially not scheduled for release till November of 2022 but campaigned hard for his early release. Speaking on their attempts to get the pardon back in 2020, his lawyer Bradford Cohen said, “We still have the pending case in Washington DC against the BOP and the one in Miami against the US Marshall Service.”  This, following several public attempts from the rapper himself on social media.  “Tell Donald Trump to pull-up on me, I got a brilliant idea,” Kodak once wrote on Instagram. “I thought of something back in Miami but I dismissed it [’cause] I be thinking I b crazy sometimes. This s—t keep following me tho! This ain’t got nothing to do with my wrongful conviction, come see me I got my corona mask on.”

Lil Wayne was also pardoned by Trump. Iconically, Black got into it with Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter after making some really random and unprovoked comments about his during a club appearance. “Where Lil Wayne at? You f—g maggot, you should have [passed] when you was a baby.” 

Reginae fired back in a social media post “You new lil rappers need to start giving props and respect to the Goat, my father don’t bother nobody. He won’t even react to what was said. This man be in his own world so leave him tf alone.”

Well now he’s upset a different set of people thanks to a very tasteless display of wealth. Kodak took to his Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of him looking upset as he tossed a bunch of money into the ocean.

The videos caption read “I Broke You Off When Dem F—N—- Wouldn’t Give You A Dime !!! I Ain’t Owe You S*** N—a I Just Wanted To See You Shine !!! Yeen Never Gave Me S–t N—a Had My Own Grind !!!!”

Many took to twitter to express their disgust, with one pointing out “Destruction of money is a federal crime because it causes damage to the entire economy. It’s the US government’s money, not his. We borrow money as printed symbols of worth. Also, more accurately, it’s money his label loaned to him that he has to pay back.”

Check out some of the fan responses below:

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