Kwame Brown Blames The Downfall Of Black Men On Side Chicks With Big Mouths, Claims Their Tearing Black Men Down

Former NBA star Kwame Brown has been in the new a lot lately. The athlete has been a target for years for many who feel he was undeserving of the hype build around him back when he was picked as the #1 draft pick straight out of high school by Michael Jordan. His career is often the butt of peoples jokes. Obviously fed up, Brown has been clapping back at everyone left and right and not sparing anyone. His latest victim, side chicks with big mouths.

Charlamagne Tha God was one of the first to feel the wrath of Kwame Brown. The two come from the same hometown. Brown was recently the subject of a brutal podcast roasting by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their All The Smoke series. The two clowned him pretty bad promoting a scathing response from Brown calling Matt Barnes “Becky with the good hair” and accusing Jackson of being a fake activist. Charlamagne caught himself trying to defend Brown against the attacks, using some personal insight he has on Brown and his family as a way to gain sympathy for him. Instead he angered Brown more, who threatened to expose Charlamagne and brought up a case against the radio host that has been haunting him for the last few days. Even an apology from Charlamagne has not been enough to get people off his back following Brown’s roasting.

Well now he’s set his sights on side chicks who talk too much. The unfortunately truth about high profile men with money and status is that they tend to keep a lot of women around, even if they are married or seeing someone. In the age of social media, these women tend to talk pretty quickly the moment the spotlight falls on them. They tend to get rewarded with reality television and social media fame. Hiphoplately got his full rant for you to read, or you can watch the video below.

“You ain’t said [nothing] about Bill Gates. Y’all don’t chase him around. And some of you women got to stop being complicit and telling every god damn thing. B—h! You know you a h– […] Shut your mouth. This [man] a great man, you slinging that p—, shut up. Ain’t nobody force you in the room […] You’re tearing down Black men thats building. Bill Gates got to build every god damn computer he wanted to build and have a side [woman] and his white woman aint said a MF thang. And they got a nice little divorce that they’re gonna part ways and they’re still building. But see, when your focus ain’t on building nothing and your focus ain’t on having nothing, you’ll attach yourself to somebody and tear them down faster than anything.”

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