Kylie Jenner Goes All Natural and Reveals Actual Short Hair For Fans


Model Kylie Jenner, as fitting, appears in public glammed up usually. The model is known for her looks both off and on the runways, as she also heads her own makeup brand. So it’s rare to get a look at her without the makeup and hair team having already left their mark. Fortunately, she graced the Internet with a quick peek at her natural hair.

On Monday of this week (Mar. 9), Kylie Jenner shared her natural hair on her Instagram Stories with fans. Doing a little color maintenance, Kylie was getting some retouching by her colorist Cassondra Kaeding. Jheno Aiko’s “Triggered (freestyle)” plays in the background as Kylie sits still, probably not wanting anything to get messed up!

She also posted a picture of her wearing a “Stormi World” t-shirt, with colorful butterflies around her still wet hair. It’s in this picture that you can see how long her real hair is – landing at her chin and just below, a rare look at her without any extensions. Her newly highlighted hair also matches her brown eyes in this shot.

Jenner also shared other videos and photos, post-transformation and touch up. Now with the lighter blonde hair taking precedence, she shared more behind the scenes video as glam took over and completed the look.

While just recently being compared to Beyoncé for some other photos posted, she once again can be in danger of sliding back into that comparison. Her tresses become the same blonde similar to the one that Beyoncé rocks – and at the angle she takes the pic, the comparison isn’t going to go away.

The sisters are fond of wearing extensions, braids, wigs and more. Just last week, sister Kim Kardashian was spotted in Paris at Paris Fashion Week wearing the longest ponytail ever. She completed the look with a matching latex hair tie – latex because she also wore a Balmain latex ensemble that turned heads.

Check out some of Kylie’s other recent hairstyles below – keeping in mind that while she may not be trying to look like Beyoncé, the resemblance on some levels IS there.

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