Kylie Jenner’s Latest Photo Just Increased Voter Registration By 80%

Everyone’s doing their part to get the word out about voting in the upcoming US election, with many impressing upon their fans and followers how imperative exercising your right is. With the global pandemic still raging, people have had to get creative since they’re not able to hold rallies, concerts and other fun ways to get out the vote. Kylie Jenner thirst trap, anyone?

Even Rihanna’s taking to clapping back at fans instead of posing in Savage x Fenty to make sure people know how important the 2020 Election is. The singer has been putting her money where her mouth is on many issues important to us all, from the coronavirus to even voting.

The singer took to Instagram to encourage her fans to vote in the states that were currently holding elections at the time: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico and District of Columbia.

“I don’t wanna hear another excuse!! Stop believing that your vote and voice don’t matter! This the illest way to protest…vote for the change you want!!!” her caption read. A few fans however retorted with a classic response – “Voting ain’t gon change s—t,” one fan commented.

Rihanna responded to the comment directly, probably much to the commentator’s surprise. “Ya know what ain’t gon change sh*t? Not doing sh*t!!!!” Indeed, Rihanna.

Even Brandy and Monica used their Verzuz platform to get the word out about voting – with the help of the Democratic ticket Vice-Presidential nominee. According to the platform, over 6 million people watched “The Boy Is Mine” duet partner’s battle, in what they called the “Super Bowl of Livestreams.” It also featured an appearance from VP-elect Kamala Harris and raised $250K for When We All Vote, in addition to being a good stroll down 90’s/2000’s R&B memory lane.

Michelle Obama, in her smash book “Becoming,” sold-out tour and documentary, previously shared how disappointing it felt when it seemed, even during their election years, that people didn’t take voting seriously.

 “I understand the people who voted for Trump,” she said. “The people who didn’t vote at all, the young people, the women, that’s when you think, man, people think this is a game. It wasn’t just in this election. Every midterm. Every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.”

After the last 3 years under the current administration and a global pandemic, it seems as if everyone is now ready to do whatever is needed to get folks to the polls, Kylie Jenner included. The makeup maven posted a thirst trap bikini shot but this time, with a message that mattered.

“But are you registered to vote? Click the link in my bio,” wrote Kylie hundreds of millions of followers in the caption. “Let’s make a plan to vote together.”

TMZ reported that it may have just worked, too.

50,000 people registered from Kylie’s thirst trap, and Vote.org claimed a 1500% traffic boost from Instagram. They also reported an 80% total increase in voter registration, with 48,000 people registering after being referred by Jenner. They also noted how this year, many more people have voted earlier than usual.

See the snap below.

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