LA Strip Club Worker Reveals Rapper Kanye West Paid Her $15,000, Details What Rapper Pays Women To Do At Clubs

Kanye West is an eccentric man for sure. The hip-hop and fashion mogul has always been famous for his over the top antics and personality. The newly single hit maker is back on the market and is probably on the radar of several women looking for a come up. A strip club worker in LA recently spilled the tea on an interaction she had with West that would definitely give any future girlfriends of the star an idea of just what kind of man he is and what he’s looking for in a woman.

Kanye West and soon to be ex wife Kim Kardashian West are separating after years of marriage and 4 kids. While there has not been an exact reason pinpointed for why the two fell apart, many assume it has to do with his botched presidential run last year, their contradicting political views and of course the handful of crazy outburst he’s had publicly during their marriage.

Kim seems to be ready to move on. The reality mega star has already been connected to Van Jones. “I try not to dip too deep into the gossip pool but Kim Kardashian & Van Jones is not far off base, she’s trying to pass the California Bar to become a lawyer. Van Jones is a lawyer. At least she’s calculated,” one person tweeted.  Another tweeted that “Kim Kardashian dating Van Jones is the craziest rumor I’ve ever wanted to be true.” She’s also been reportedly flirting with Certified Lover Boy Drake as well.

Kanye might have a suitor in Azealia Banks, who recently took to social media to confess that she’s eager to have West’s 5th child. The powerful black demon entity awaiting in my ovaries and kanyes testicle is finally about to be unleashed upon the world. All of you n***as are going to JAIL,” she added.

Well if the recent confession by the LA stripper is anything to go by, West may not be interested in sex or kids right now, it seems he might just want to talk. Stripclub bartender Anessa Rossii took to her TikTok to break down what happened when Kanye came into her establishment a few years back. Her story below:

“My club gets a lot of rappers, athletes, people that just want to show up and show out and do things for Instagram but not Kanye.” She continued “It was completely different. Kayne didn’t want to book a table.  He didn’t want to see the girls dance.  He just came straight to the bar and started talking to me. He didn’t order anything to drink. He just got water on the rocks and proceeded to tell me all of his beliefs, where we descended from and how he believed that he’s a true descendant of his creator.  The conversation went on for 3 or 4 hours and at the end of the night, he thanked me for my time and gave me $15,000. That’s the last time I’ve ever seen him.”


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