Lauryn Hill’s Daughter, Selah Says She Was Robbed By Rihanna and Savage Fenty Calls Out Brand For Stealing Her Fashion Concept

Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah, according to her mother Lauryn, has already told us that she’s not “passive,” and Selah’s latest social media post seems to back that up fully. Calling out a major brand for stealing her ideas, the daughter of Lauryn Hill spoke up for her art – much like her mother has done in the past.

Her mother has had her own share of thoughts and issues over the years, post her “Miseducation” heydays. Lauryn’s become synonymous with being late, as she over the years has developed a reputation for appearing hours later after the start time of her concerts. After her blockbuster debut album, Hill went through a series of ups and downs that seemed to stymie her career. Over the past few years however, she’s returned to the stage and touring and has seemingly settled into the legacy artist that she is.

Selah, amongst other things, called mother Hill a “MF” recently in a video rant, alluding to the fact that their relationship and her mother’s actions over the years are the reason that she was traumatized as a child. She also shared that her mother and father “hated” each other and how Selah told her mother once that she should have “aborted” her.

Lauryn herself has responded to her daughter’s post and she’s weighed in like only a mother could, detailing that she’s spoken with her daughter and is understanding of the journey that she’s undertaken to understand her upraising. Throughout the video, Selah also seems to long after her father repeatedly while blaming him for not being there.

“My children are strong-willed and powerful, better I discipline them at home than have them shot down in the streets or locked up. They are not necessarily passive people, and they’re also learning how to navigate a world full of beauty but also full of danger,” Lauryn wrote in a lengthy post that she shared with her own followers. “People are quick to judge the content of Selah’s conversation without understanding the gravity of her life.”

It now seems as if Selah is being quick to judge the content of someone else – Rihanna.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand had their sophomore fashion show event, which was distributed on Amazon Prime Video. The special, shot during the pandemic, was a drastic change from her first show, as it was produced to address the safety protocols needed during this time. Selah, however, thinks that she deserves an apology, because she feels as if the show’s concept stole one of her own.

Apparently, Selah did a show that she feels was similar to Rihanna’s brands back in May of 2019 called “A Primordial Place.” Hill’s show had many similar elements to Rihanna’s but most of them felt more symbolic than specific, which some fans noted underneath her post. Others wondered if it wasn’t simply nature that was the inspiration for both shows.

“Quite a few friends brought this up to me & I wasn’t gonna say anything about this, but I’m bothered. For those who remember, I did “A Primordial Place” in May 2019.. I put my heart & soul (& all the money I had) into this project and…. I don’t know. Is it just me?” wrote Selah on her Instagram account, providing pictures to compare and contrast the two productions.

See the post below.

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