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Letoya Luckett No Longer Identifying As ‘Wife’ Following Husband’s Alleged Side Chick Leaking Videos, Singer Has Removed ‘Wife’ From Instagram Bio, Sparking Divorce Rumors

Singer LeToya Luckett and her husband may have hit the skids permanently it seems. Internet hawks and fans noticed a big change to the former Destiny Child’s member’s Instagram bio, and with all their publicized disagreements, could this signal the end for Luckett and Tommicus Walker?

While music is what got her into the entertainment industry, Luckett has managed to carve out a successful acting career for herself, as well. After appearing with Destiny’s Child on the TV show Smart Guy back in 1998, it seems as if the bug stayed with her. As of 2020, she’s amassed a considerable list of credits and just wrapped a role on the OWN Network show Greenleaf, which went off the air after a number of seasons.

Despite all of this, life hasn’t always been easy for the Houston native.

While speaking and checking in with fans this weekend, LeToya shared some intimate details about her own finances that many found shocking.

“During my journey I was staying at people’s house, I never told these stories before … I slept in a car in LA while I was making my first album. Not a lot of nights, but you know what I’m saying? I was drinking a gallon of water and buying the microwavable oodles of noodles [starts to weep] … I can’t believe I’m crying,” Luckett said as she reflected back upon her journey.

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She’s also been crying and in tears about her marriage, according to clips from the show that the couple is a part of, T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. Luckett and her husband have had numerous problems which have been featured as part of their storylines on the show.

The couple seems to be trying counseling, but success has been little due to the lack of communication that the pair are seeking help with. Walker has a history of apparently leaving the city when he’s having issues with his wife and it’s continuing to keep the rift between them growing even wider.

Another bomb is dropped in the clip when the counselor tells them though they’ve been considering having another child, with two children already in the home including a newborn, now might not be the best time since its clear the two of them are having some deep seated issues, a sobering assessment that really affected LeToya in the clip above.

With allegations of cheating swirling already and Walker largely missing from Luckett’s Instagram page, fans are beginning to put two and two together as they try to ascertain what one of their favorite reality show couples is doing – and it seems like they might have parted ways.

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IG watchers noticed today that Luckett updated her Instagram bio, posting up a side-by-side to show proof that whatever is happening, it’s causing some changes in some areas of her life – even it is social media.

Luckett’s 2.6 million followers noticed when her bio line on the platform went from,“LeToya Luckett-Walker Love of God, Wife, Mom…” to, “LeToya Luckett Lover of God, Mom…” – with wife and her hyphenated last name being removed.

See the change below.

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