Lil Nas X Father Defends Him After Video Of Rapper’s Mother On Street Begging For Spare Change Surfaces

Lil Nas X is realizing that the astronomical heights of fame he’s reached come with some ridiculous odds. The young pop star first found success with “Old Town Road” (currently the longest running #1 on Billboard) and has been looking to recreate his historic run yet again with latest single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. While its video has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, the way in which they’ve choose to take it out on Lil Nas X has been cruel and unusually mean.

Nas was certainly looking to make a splash pole dancing to h*ll. However people were instantly turned off by the videos conclusion as well as its queer themes. The first strike was getting Nas’ sneaker collaboration with art collective MSCHF canned. People complained online about the red and black shoe which reportedly featured human blood in its design. The complaints got back to Nike who not only had him pull his customized sneaker collection, but are currently suing him as well.

Streaming platforms were next to turn their backs on Nas. Despite the songs record numbers and its placement a top charts worldwide, Nas took to his Twitter this week to announce that several platforms would be taking the song down, asking fans to stream it as much as possible beforehand. While some dismissed this as a plow to run up streams, many fans did run to their favorite site to run up the streams, flooding his mentions with screenshots and screen recordings of them listening to the song. The obvious spike in plays helped keep his music on the site, if it was ever actually in danger of getting pulled.

While Lil Nas X seems to field the constant pressure of the internet with a childlike glee, its not 100% sure how he’s handling the latest attempt to break his spirit. Lil Nas X has disclosed that he does not have a close relationship with his mother. Despite being raised by her for a period of time in his youth, he eventually left her in Atlanta to go live with his father elsewhere in the state. He confessed earlier this year that his mother is an addict and that while he’s tried to help her, it has put a strain on their relationship.

One fan thought its be a good idea to post a video of Nas mother on the streets of Atlanta begging for cash. While Nas has yet to respond, today his father released a statement defending his baby mother and reminding people just how hard it can be to deal with a family member struggling with addiction. Read his full statement below.

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