Comedian Lil Rel Battling Married Woman For Custody Of SonAfter Being Tricked Into An Affair

Comedian Lil Rel is working his way through some crazy legal mess involving a child he fathered with a married woman.

The “Get Out” star recently filed legal documents against the woman, LeChez Davis, after it was revealed she was not forthcoming about her martial status, and had been playing both Rel and her husband.

TMZ obtained documents from Rel, real name Milton Howery Jr. In them he accuses the woman of lying about her divorce, and saying that she is still very much married and with her husband.

The shocking truth came to light when Rel posted a photo with his son. Someone reached out to let him know that the child was possibly fathered by someone else, and that the woman had been lying to him.

It gets worst. Not only did Davis not disclose that she was still married, but she also lead her husband to believe that he fathered the child. Even giving the baby his last name. She strung both men along for some time, the child is currently 2 years old.

Rel has already invest a lot into the woman and his son, even flying them back and forth from Illinois to California for visits.

Last month he also took a paternity test to help clear up any confusion, which confirmed that he is indeed the father of the child. he’s asking a judge in California for full custody and permission to relocate the child to California, and the full range to make legal decisions for the child. Clearly looking to distance themselves from Davis and her poor judgement.

According to Rel, Davis pawned him into a “nefarious scheme replete with concealment, misrepresentations and deception in an attempt to defraud.”

Prior to fathering this child, Rel was married to ex wife Verina Robinson for almost 10 years, they had two children together before divorcing in 2017. That marriage was the inspiration for his show Rel, which ran for one season on FOX in 2019. At the time of his divorce, his ex-wife actually sued him for child support in a nasty 2016 lawsuit.

The proud father regularly post pictures of his two eldest kids on social media.

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