Lil Wayne Accused Of Endorsing Trump In Exchange For Pardon, Rapper Now Facing Up To 10-Years In Prison Following 2019 Plane Search In Florida

In the beginning of his campaign to the present day, there’s been a whole host of influential figures who have now regretted their support of the sitting President, while others have enjoyed the popularity that their endorsement has given them. With his administration now being lame duck, the stories are starting to spill out and 50 Cent has a hot one.

One of the very first singers to be “canceled” for their support of the Trump campaign was R&B singer Chrisette Michele. At the time, the singer’s career had been on a tear, with her winning a Grammy award and even joining a reality show music franchise that was airing at the time, R&B Divas.

Michele herself told The Washington Post that nearly everyone in her circle warned her against taking the $75,000 she was offered to sing at one of Trump’s inaugural balls but that she decided to do it – thinking she could “be a bridge” to unite a divided country after his election. Instead, she just divided herself from a career, as many of her fans felt betrayed and misrepresented.

“They didn’t feel represented in that moment. They felt misrepresented. They felt further misunderstood, and they felt the person they were depending on to speak on their behalf just betrayed them.”

As a result, she lost the record distribution deal she had, radio stations removed her from playlists, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffered a miscarriage from the stress.

Fast forward months later to recently when Lil Wayne tweeted a picture of himself posing with President Trump on his social media channels, taking the internet and world by surprise.

“Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done. 🤙🏾”

Many scratched their heads at why Lil Wayne would come out and support Trump’s widely maligned “Platinum Plan,” which wasn’t even a fully realized plan – especially as someone whose obviously been on the opposite end of policies that the administration holds.

Now, 50 Cent has come forward and told The Breakfast Club a possible reason as to why our Black artists are consistently being lambasted and making moves like these. “I come to you to talk about being offered $1 Million dollars to go to Trump’s Inauguration. I passed on it.”

50 Cent told the hosts that back when Chrisette was being canceled, he too was offered a hefty sum of money to make an appearance – an amount which started at $500K and continued to rise.

“It went up to a million while I was still confused whether or not I should do it,” he told the hosts before settling on a “no.” “I ain’t gone put myself in that position, cuz I don’t know what I had to do to recover from it, right?”

In the end, 50 knew that it was an attempt to use him and other Black entertainers to get the “Black vote.” When the hosts asked 50 if he believed that Wayne could have been paid, 50 replied “easily” and then poked fun at the sweater Wayne was wearing in the picture.

Earlier today, it was announced Lil Wayne could face up to ten year in prison following an incident that occurred December 2019 when the feds searched his private plan and found weapons. Now fans and media outlets are questioning if Lil Wayne endorsed Trump in exchange for a pardon and/or will Trump provide him with one. 50 Cent took to Instagram demanding Lil Wayne contact Donald Trump for a pardon before he leaves office.

Some fans took to twitter to speculate the endorsement makes perfect sense now. One fan stated, “Lil’Wayne endorsing Trump is starting to make more sense now. If he knew a charge was coming down he was probably hoping for a pardon.”

Check out some of the responses below:

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