Lil Wayne Expected To Receive Pardon From Donald Trump Today

We are nearing the official ending of Donald Trump’s one-term presidency, and he’s doing all that he can within his last few moments with the power that he has.  Trump is reportedly expected to issue pardons for what looks like more than 100 people that don’t seem to include some of his closer counterparts, but it includes some famous names.

According to a report by Fox News, they’ve learned that the 45th President has compiled a list of commutations that will likely include rappers Lil’ Wayne and Kodak Black.  Sources tell them that the announcement can come at any minute from the White House.  

Hip-Hop has included Donald Trump in its history for years as many rappers have included him in their bars.  As legendary rapper KRS-One said in an interview to CNN, Donald Trump “was a friend to hip hop in his early days”, as he had been visible with many prominent figures in the genre.  “He was closer to the urban community, urban America,” KRS said of earlier experiences with Trump in the community. “When we say, look, Donald Trump was a friend to hip hop back in the day, so was Bill Clinton. It doesn’t mean that because he was a friend to hip hop back in the day, that the same Bill Clinton wasn’t at the lead of this mass incarceration of African Americans today.”

Lil Wayne and Kodak Black have both come into headlines thanks to their ties with Donald Trump lately for similar and different reasons.  Kodak has been held in federal prison for multiple miscellaneous charges. Back in April of 2020, the rapper penned an open letter in an attempt to have a face to face with the POTUS.  “Tell Donald Trump to pull-up on me, I got a brilliant idea,” the letter starts. “I thought of something back in Miami but I dismissed it [’cause] I be thinking I b crazy sometimes. This shit keep following me tho! This ain’t got nothing to do with my wrongful conviction, come see me I got my corona mask on.”

One of Kodak’s friends, Lll Yachty, recently tweeted his support for the rapper.  “Hey [Donald Trump] my friend [Kodak Black] deserves to be commuted. The system punished him way to hard for a paperwork crime #freekodak,” the “Oprah’s Bank Account” rapper tweeted.

Rapper Lil’ Wayne has also shown his loyalty to Trump when a short amount of days prior to the election, he showed his unabashed support for Trump.  Many on social media became incensed when they seen the “A Milli” rapper pose for a photo opportunity in an attempt to prompt his followers to vote for him.  

Now as both are either serving or facing respective terms with prison, they may be able to breathe a sigh of relief with this latest news that the President is considering commuting their sentences, especially over members of his inner circle.  

Only time will tell whether or not within his last days he will allow these rappers to live pout another change at life.

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