LisaRaye Claims Black Women Can’t Go Through Men Like Taylor Swift Without Being Canceled, Says An ‘Adult Film’ Would Ruin Their Career

LisaRaye is not here for the double standards that Black women have to face and is speaking up against it.  The actress has undoubtedly seen and been through much within her career and has been taking the latter part of her career to highlight things that Black women go through as a whole, be it in the entertainment industry or not.  

The “Players Club” actress was an invited guest to Houston’s 97.9 The Box radio station where she spoke to hosts J Mac and Madd Hatta on the reasons why Black women have to brand themselves differently as well as her having to develop thick skin in order to not only survive but thrive in this social media era and in the industry.  

“I have much thicker skin now. Before I used to read it and go, ‘That’s not true. They don’t know me,’ and it really used to stick to me,” the former “Mrs. Michael Misick” said.  “Now you kind of have to remove yourself a little more. And I like the people that are unapologetically them.”

She then began her dive into the differences in race and dating perceptions.  “Because we have different sides, ‘them’ and ‘us,’” Lisa Raye explains. “And when it’s ‘them,’ they could do whatever they want to do and it’s like you could date five or six guys,” she said. “Like Taylor Swift. We know that she has went through a lot of people at her young age.”  

Taylor Swift has been known to have dated multiple people within the industry and throughout her career, and yet is praised when she writes/sings about them.  Kim Kardashian was able to thrive and become a multimillionaire with multiple platforms after her tape dropped with Ray J.  These examples were brought up by the actress in an attempt to show the difference.  

She continued, “[Taylor Swift] sings about it all the time. Let that be a black girl and that’s a problem. Let somebody do a sex tape that’s a black girl and her career is ruined.  She’s not going to parlay it into fashion, into stores, and into reality shows, and marriage. So if we know this, to me that’s why we have to brand ourselves differently now.” 

Do you agree?

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