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LisaRaye Condemns Jada Pinkett Smith For ‘Messing’ August Alsina Up Even More, Calls The Singer A Baby Who Came To The Family Wounded and Hurt

The discourse continues as the fallout from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s interview. Opinions have ranged wildly across the internet, with some wondering why people are so invested in the relationships of three adults versus if Jada Pinkett Smith was being ‘irresponsible’ towards August Alsina. LisaRaye McCoy has an opinion, which she shared.

On Claudia Jordan’s FOX Soul talk show Out Loud, the Black women on the panel have been very outspoken about current events that come across their desks and the Will and Jada fiasco is just the latest. Co-host Vivica Fox was just in the news for her comments about 50 Cent’s views on Black women.

“He just has such f-boy tendencies, you know what I mean? When I read that, I was like ‘Really? You would say that because you don’t want anyone to challenge you or talk to you. You want somebody to sit over there and be a pretty little dog that you can just pay,’” Fox told her co-hosts about 50. “You [50] can’t handle a Black woman, can you?”

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It comes as no surprise then that the hosts would have something to say about the relationship between August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith, as many Black women have taken sides in the battle over who was right and who was wrong in the whole ordeal. It hasn’t been just Black women that have weighed in either – against Jada, not August.

Commentator and host of The Breakfast Club, Charlagmagne Tha God also spoke out.

“Jada Pinkett Smith was dead a– wrong. August Alsina, that young man came to her broken, in need of healing, and her response is ‘I wanted to feel good, I hadn’t felt good in a long time’ so you slept with him,” Charlamagne said on his show. “Nevermind how that young man is feeling, you know? You just gotta get yours? That is the epitome of toxic behavior.”

That wasn’t all Charlagmagne had to say, either. He took an extreme issue with the Smith’s visibility and the responsibility that carries. He took issue with how the pair seemed to not care that their relationship came off as not the healthiest because of the interview.

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“What I hated about that conversation the most was the ending…when they hit us with that corny ‘We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life,’” Charlamagne inferred. “What was that? What kind of message was that sending? Just stick together for the sake of being together, don’t try to make your marriage healthy, don’t try to get to a place of wholeness in your marriage?”

Charlagmagne’s comments also seemed to mirror those of co-host LisaRaye McCoy, as she weighed in recently on the “entanglement” between Will and Jada while her co-hosts gave side-eyes and gasps over her comments.

“I think and I feel that he [Alsina] was a baby. Now I’m all for if you want to date somebody younger, go for it. But because of his circumstance and why in which he came to her, wounded and hurt, and in her lap – how in the hell did he get from off her lap, and then you [Smith] got onto the d—? I don’t understand,” McCoy said.

McCoy also highlighted the fact that it felt even more wrong since Alsina was brought to them by their son, Jaden Smith – noting that Jada Pinkett Smith is also 21 years older than Alsina.

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See the clip below.

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