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LisaRaye Offers To ‘Buy’ Peace With Her Mother, Mother Tells Her She Doesn’t Have Enough Money After Clashing On ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

LisaRaye McCoy’s own family drama is being brought to the forefront in an episode of hit show Iyanla: Fix My Life and we’re getting a glimpse into the origin of the opinionated talk show host. While it’s known to many that rapper Da Brat is her half-sister, now we’re meeting McCoy’s mother – and seeing them get into it on camera.

Fans were previously treated to an inside look of McCoy’s family life when the news of Da Brat coming out and publicly talking about her sexuality after hiding it in the industry for so many years boiled over.

The actress celebrated her birthday on Monday, and on the “Queens” episode, her co-hosts surprised her with an appearance from Da Brat, to which they thought would be a great surprise.  However, it took a turn when Brat popped up on the screen, as McCoy immediately became emotional and shut down.  Her reason?  Da Brat revealed the two haven’t been in contact for several months as there has been distance created between them. 

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“No, I’m not surprised,” she said.  “We kind of been a little distant or whatever, so I know she’s really surprised because we’ve had a little space in our relationship or whatever.  From nothing bad, but I was just going through a bunch of stuff, and, you know, I didn’t want to worry anybody, and I have a whole new significant other situation, and I was kind of scared to talk to her about it. So, I haven’t seen or talked to her in a long time.”

While Da Brat was happy, it was clear from the clip of her surprise appearance that her sister LisaRaye wasn’t happy that she wasn’t included in the news and it left her hurt – and she lashed out heavy during the interview.

The co-hosts tried their best to have the two come together peacefully, as even the Dish Nation co-host seemed to be ready to let bygones be bygones.  McCoy wasn’t having it, however, as she interjected “I don’t give a f*ck what y’all saying. At all,” as it pertains to making peace.

The sharpness of those words mirrors those heard from her very own mother. A clip from an upcoming episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life has been released and LisaRaye McCoy, her mother Katie McCoy and LisaRaye’s daughter Kai get into it with Iyanla refereeing between the fraught family.

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Apparently, LisaRaye McCoy had a closer relationship with her deceased father – so close at one point that they had a death pact together, according to the show. The relationship between LisaRaye and her mother is definitely on shaky ground, judging from the clip.

At one point, Katie McCoy screams at LisaRaye, “She knew her daddy was a d*mn h*e!” McCoy responds by saying, “What do I do about it now, Mom? Can I buy you?”

And Katie then says, “You ain’t got enough d*mn money to buy me!”

When Iyanla asks why LisaRaye’s relationship with her own daughter is “broken,” the actress says “no.”

See the clip below.

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