LisaRaye Under Fire After Defending White Man Comparing Dark Women To Burnt Toast, Says She Doesn’t Have A Problem With His Preference

LisaRaye is catching some flack after defending a white man’s colorist and racist remarks. During an episode of “Talk With Queens”, LisaRaye was joined by Vivica A. Fox, Claudia Jordan and Syleena Johnson to share their opinions on the viral interview and how the man chose to express his “preference”. The convo was reflective of constant back and forths about colorism, preference and who is allowed to speak on it.

Afrolatina R&B singer DaniLeigh caught a lot of flake for express similar sentiments a few weeks back. An unreleased song of hers leaked where she sings “yellow bone is what he wants”. The song hit a nerve with woman of color who are constantly feeling the pressures of skin tone and “preference” in life, especially in the entertainment industry. Attempts to defend herself all fell flat, as the singer opted for feeling offended and defensive rather than having a meaningful conversation.

Hopefully LisaRaye has an easier time with the inevitable damage control she’s going to have to do. The actress has always been known for being beautiful, something aided by her fairer complexion and and the mainstream appeal it gifts her. Obviously unaware of this, she decided to chime in and defend a man expressing his “preference” by bringing down woman like Serena Williams.

Radio host of The Morning Bull Show on 97 Rock, Rob Lederman, was recently fired for his controversial colorist comments. “I may get into trouble for this,” Lederman said, “I will never go to a Serena Williams level, but I’m very comfortable with a Halle Berry level. I need a little bit of mulatto still coming through.”

LisaRaye’s responded “Wait a minute. What I heard was an opinion. I heard that he’s saying that he won’t go as far as a dark-skinned Black woman,” she said. “He’s comfortable with going with the color of a Halle Berry. What’s wrong with that?” Lisa then went on to say, “I don’t know. I’m not there with it. I just think that we’re so sensitive now. Everybody gonna get caught up now because I think everybody is gon’ be so sensitive and ain’t gon’ know what to say and how to say it and it’s going to take the fun out of everything and everybody gon’ get slapped with lawsuits and defamation and it’s gon’ to be tedious and ain’t nobody gonna be able to talk about nothin.”

Despite her co-hosts attempts to explain colorism to her and the issues with the way in which he choose to express his taste, she was not able to understand. Fans took to twitter to read her.

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