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“Little Boy Please”: Actor Nick Cannon Reveals He Tried To Shoot His Shot At Beyonce, Says Singer Didn’t Even Acknowledge Him

Nick Cannon has been around for quite a while, much longer than some people realize. The star was a breakout in his earlier years, eventually seeming to self-propel himself into the hearts and boardrooms of the entertainment industry, turning his charm into a multi-million-dollar franchise, Wild ‘N Out. Even he’s been turned down by the biggest stars, still.

Nick Cannon’s now famously known to have been married to iconic singer Mariah Carey, sharing a set of twins with the Fantasy diva. Being that he himself is also a star, he’s been the object of desire for some, while also using his experience as a married man to help others. Hindsight is always 20/20 and Cannon hasn’t shied away from either tactic of approach.

One of the cast members from his hit show came under fire for some of her comments about dating while appearing on his podcast earlier this year, after she claimed that she would never date a man with a regular job. The actress and musician shared her love for rapper DaBaby openly on the sketch show, and she finally got the chance to meet him when he made an appearance. It spoiled her; it seems.

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When Cannon pressed B. Simone about what she wants in her man, Simone stated, “He can’t have a 9-5,” and continues, “he can be a hustling entrepreneur,” before confirming with Cannon that she wants someone who is “CEO status.”

She continued, “I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs,” before claiming that anyone else would not understand her lifestyle. Cannon, for his part, laughed heartily when he assumed that she didn’t want a man who made an “honest living.” The backlash was swift however, as the influencer also came under fire for some lax business practices herself as an “entrepreneur.”

Cannon was swiftly released from his relationship with ViacomCBS in July after it emerged that the performer had said on his Cannon’s Class podcast that Black people are the “true Hebrews,” in addition to discussing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories involving the Rothschild family. He seems to have reset his life, and Instagram, and the last thing he’s worried about now is dating.

In the earlier days of his success and fame however, Cannon was young and on the prowl. His success at the time already gave him access to more celebrities than most but his biggest crush was still too elusive at the time – and it didn’t help that her father was making sure no love connections ever happened.

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Cannon’s previously shared in a throwback post (before he wiped his Instagram account) about his love for Beyoncé as a youth, telling his followers how Beyoncé shot him down without so much as an acknowledgement. In the photo, Beyoncé can be seen with ex-Destiny’s Child band member LaTavia Roberson, back in the late 90’s, according to Cannon’s caption.

“Even in the ‘90s, I was always shootin’ my shot. Beyonce was looking at me like “Little Boy Please!!” —- In my teenage days I used to stalk Destiny’s Child!”

Beyoncé’s face does seem to be attempting to be polite to a fan, not a fellow star. Nick also shared who really made sure it didn’t happen – Destiny’s Child’s ex-manager and father of the lead singer, Mathew Knowles. Maybe father did know best, at least with regards to Nick Cannon.

“LOL Poppa Knowles was not feeling me at all!!”

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