Lizzo Reveals ‘Big Girl Summer’ Has Officially Begun & Shows Off Her Abs, Get Named ‘Sexist Woman Alive By Amber Rose

Lizzo is taking her hit single to heart in a new social media post. The pop star was feeling “Good As Hell” in a bikini and decided to share the energy with fans, proclaiming it “Big Girl Summer”. A flock of other high profile woman flooded the comments section singing her praises, a far cry from the types of comments that usually go viral after Lizzo does something sexy on social media.

Last month former Television Judge Joe Brown did a 2 hour sit down with NBA player Kwame Brown. The two discussed a list of things, one of which being the Judge’s disdain for Lizzo. “I’m straight, I’m a heterosexual. But when I Lizzo, the lizard hippo with her bare, flat, flabby a– trying to twerk in public looking like a harlot in front of children, you see that’s not right.”

Despite always being a large women, Lizzo seems to take good care of herself. Much of her rise to fame came on the back of her high energy live shows, which feature some intense choreography and live singing. She’s also been very public about her health journey on social media, taking fans through her transition to being vegan, and even sharing results from a detox she did a few months ago. While some supported her, others mocked her and felt like she was selling out. “Absolutely genuinely devastated to see Lizzo promote a bulls—t detox and showing before and afterward. We’ve lost Lizzo is the diet industrial complex,” while another said “People seem to be shocked I’m labeling Lizzo as fatphobic. She is actively linking / promoting products that profit off of fat people hating themselves. That’s fatphobic behavior.”


practice safe detoxification y’all.

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Others did show love saying “Fat people being mad at Lizzo for not wanting to be fat, is the fattest s**t ever. Y’all mad cause she doesn’t want diabetes and hypertension.” One shared, “Being mad at Lizzo for choosing to do what she feels is best for her body is peak fake. Leave that girl alone bro.”

Its good to see its all love for her today too. Under the sexy bikini snap the likes of Amber Rose dropped in to call lizzo “the sexiest woman alive”. Friend SZA chimed in saying “Dawg … gorgeous”.

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