LNHH Miami Star, Prince Arrested & Charged With Kidnapping, Crumbles In Court After Abducting & Dragging Girlfriend By Hair During Domestic Dispute

Another day, another Love and Hip-Hop star in trouble. If there’s one thing the popular franchise is known for its drama both on and off screen. Far to often the cast engage in behavior off screen that they eventually have to address during their seasons. One star who may not get a chance to tell his story on screen is Prince of the Miami incarnation. He is no longer on the show but that does not mean he’s no longer getting in trouble, as he was recently arrested for an incident involving him and his girlfriend.

Tommie Lee is another Love and Hip-hop alum synonymous with drama. Born Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore, she first appeared on the Atlanta installment of the popular VH1 series during its inaugural season. While she was initially just there in a guest, she eventually joined the show full time thanks to her relationship with Scrapp Deleon. She became a main cast member on season 6 and brought heavy amounts of drama to the show. She struggled with alcoholism and frequently was at odds with cast members and eventually the crew. During season 7 she attacked producers and was asked to leave the show. She did eventually turn it around recently celebrating 2 years since she last went to jail.

In Prince case the issues are unfortunately just beginning for him. Born Christopher Michael Harty, he was one of the founding cast members of Love and Hip-Hop: Miami. Known locally as the “Prince of South Beach”, his “party boy” ways were on full display in the hit reality show. The series followed his music career as well. He is currently no longer on the show.

Prince was arrested last night at 2am after being accused of some violent crimes. In addition to domestic violence charges, Harty, 31, is facing charges for kidnapping and battery. A video going around social media shows him standing next to a judge and breaking down in tears as they discuss his case. The rapper/reality star was reportedly also hit with additional charges including possession of drugs without a prescription and disorderly conduct. 

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