LNHH’s Tommie Lee Criticize Grown Women For Being Proud Of Working 9 to 5 and Driving Toyota Camrys After Being Dragged For Celebrating Two Years Of Being Out Of Jail

Love and Hip-Hop’s Tommie Lee used to be a stand out cast member thanks to her short temper and big fights, but she has been working on making changes. Lee has been out of trouble for almost 2 years now and is very proud of herself. Her history of drama seems to be behind her despite some “fans” not allowing her to grow. Tommie took to her instagram stories earlier today to let people know that she is happy with her growth and would appreciate some respect from all the “grown women” in her business.

Tommie Lee, born Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore, first appeared on the Atlanta installment of the popular VH1 series during season one. While she was initially just there in a cameo, she eventually joined the show full time thanks to her relationship with Scrapp Deleon. She became a main cast member on season 6. 

She only lasted through season 7 unfortunately. Tommie’s struggles with alcoholism started to interfere with her work, culminating in her drunkenly attacking producers and security. The shows Executive Producer Stephanie Gayle announced shortly after that Tommie would be fired from the show, eventually popping up in a supporting role on Stevie J’s spin off series “Leave It To Stevie”.

She’s been relatively off the radar for some time now, seemingly getting her life together behind the scenes. According to Tommie she’s been in jail every year since she was 14. She celebrated two years of being of trouble with her family and friends on social media. “This is year number two since I have not gotten into any motherf*cking trouble. And it’s a big deal to me. I’ve been going to jail since I was 14-years-old.” She continued “Shout out to my D.A. who said I wouldn’t f—ing make it. And shout out to everybody that’s been rooting for me. I appreciate y’all. And guess what? I’m feeling like a billion dollars today.”

Not everyone was happy for Tommie however, and she took to her stories to air out some fans who tried to downplay her milestone. “I had a really bad temper with zero understanding and it feels good to not be in that head space anymore.” She criticizes them for being proud of their “9 to 5s” and “Toyota Camrys” but trying to downplay her growth.

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