Love & Hip Hop NYC’s Cisco Turns Celebrity Boxing Match With Peter Guns Into Street Fight, After Attempting To Take Off Gloves For Fist Fight

Former friends and cast mates on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Cisco Rosado and Peter Gunz got a chance to take their beef to the ring. For years the one-time “Creep Squad” members were thick as thieves, but the years have not been as kind to their friendship. Viewers of the reality show franchise witnessed Cisco and Bronx rapper Peter Gunz brawl it out one too many times on screen, and over the weekend made it to the boxing ring for a Pay-Per-View event to release all of their pent up frustrations. Cisco, however, might have forgot that he was not in the streets.

Music producer Cisco Rosado and rapper Peter Gunz, best known for his hit with his former bandmate Lord Tariq “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)”, had a long friendship that soon turned sour over time. The drama would eventually unfold on the show for the world to see. Brothers became foes, fighting over money and artists such as Olivia and MariahLynn.

Things became worse when on season 10 of the show the two fought after Rich Dollaz, also a member of their “Creep Squad”, exposed Cisco for housing Gunz’s ex-wife, singer Amina Buddafly, for a night in Atlanta. While the meet-up was apparently to squash the longstanding beef they had and attempt to restore their brotherhood, the news was brought up and things swiftly escalated and went left. Cisco insisted to Gunz that nothing happened between the two, as she was “stranded” and he was simply looking out for her. However, Gunz viewed it as a violation and became incensed.

Although the show was off-air due to the pandemic, Gunz proved that the feud between the two was still ongoing when last September he posted his former friend on Instagram in honor of “National Son Day.” His post was wrought with sarcasm and ill-feelings as he captioned it, “Damm I almost forgot it’s National Son day… I would lie and say I’m proud of you son but I’m trying to do better with the lying.”

Peter was not done with Rosado as he concluded his message with, “Anyway f**k you.” Amina, the mother to two of his ten children (Cori and Bronx), chimed in to ask Gunz “Why so mean though[?]” Peter responds simply by saying “you know why.”

The drama between the two would finally precipitate them to announce a boxing match earlier this year. Peter took to Instagram to begin taunting his now opponent, posting a picture of Cisco in what appears to be a gym and declares that he is going to “beat the s**t outta” him.

“Don’t let my age fool you Lil Bro Boxing in the Ring and fighting on Love & Hip Hop is 2 different things,” wrote the Cheaters host. “No Security No [Mona Scott Young] and no [Stephanie Gayle (LHH executive producer)]to talk us down!! I accept the challenge and donate my winnings to the [anti-bullying] campaign in the Bronx.” It was also revealed that Gunz had been training for the fight with boxing world champion Roy Jones Jr, which Cisco claims left him unphased.

Soon, it was announced that the pair would be serving as an undercard fight for the Pay-Per-View event which Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter would be fighting as the main event on June 12th. The event, put on by boxing company “Celebrity Boxing”, was preceded by a press conference held in Atlanta back in April. However, when Cisco and Peter came face to face, it appeared that the tension between the two would not allow them to save it for the ring.

A video captured by The Shade Room showed a heated Peter telling Cisco “Listen man, at the end of the day we brothers,” before switching it up to warn him. “It’s an easy five for me,” he said. Without a second thought, Gunz is seen throwing a punch at Cisco before a brawl breaks out. For those who believed that it could have been staged, Deb Antney confirmed that everyone in attendance was taken aback by what ensued, as she was also was in the crowd.

“This is not a scene for Love n Hip-hop,” Antney posted. “I was confused also but [Peter Gunz] swung on [Rosado] not acting for tv this was real as hell,” she explained.

Over the weekend, the two finally stepped into the ring to fight it out and settle the score, hopefully once and for all. Held in Atlantic City at the Showboat Hotel, Rich Dollaz was on hand as the guest referee. Fans who wanted to witness the match-up had to cough up $29.99 for the event. During the fight it appeared that the rules meant nothing to Cisco. An angered Rosado soon began to take his gloves off as is wanting to street-fight his opponent.

In the end, Rosado was declared as the winner of the fight, although many fans felt as though Gunz should have been given the title. However, it appears that their long-time beef is finally over. Peter shared, “Ultimately the goal for this was to show kids and show people that you can put the gloves on and figure it out. You ain’t gotta run to the gun, you ain’t got to go get ya mans, you can get in and square off like men so we can stop killing one another.”

Seemingly glad that the whole ordeal is over, he also took to Instagram to share an old picture of the two when they were on great terms while taking the time to congratulate Cisco. “And just like that it’s over!! Just want to say thank you to all my friends and family for the overwhelming support,” wrote Peter. “I love you all.. Congratulations [Cisco] let’s take our first drink together!!” He concluded the post by also thanking the Celebrity Boxing platform for the opportunity.

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