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Mama Tina Lawson Turns Savage, Reveals She Will Whoop Someone’s A– Behind Her Daughters Beyonce and Solange

Tina Lawson seems to be almost as famous on social media as her globally known and talented daughters, Beyoncé and Solange. Ever the mother, “Mama Tina” seems to have instilled pride and love into her cubs and it’s becoming clear where the sisterly duo get their Houston spark from.

Mama Tina has used her social media as a platform for social justice, a medium to reach out and share positivity and of course, to course correct others when they speak out on her daughters. She’s famously overprotective of them on social media, standing in for them while the two of them continue to create and give the world their gifts.

Lawson shared a meme that apparently people had continued to send to her, sharing because it also referenced her and her famous daughter. The meme features prominent tech founders Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Steve Jobs and their companies that changed the world.

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The last face in the meme is, of course, Tina Knowles-Lawson – whose caption reads “B—- please, I made Beyoncé.” She responded in her own caption, sharing the meme in jest.

“This is the Third time someone sent this to me! So I am posting it…it has new meaning for me because Richard and I got to meet Jack Dorsey who made TWITTER and he is really pretty amazing!”

Lawson often credits her daughters for keeping her uplifted after her divorce and is not a stranger at sharing her own positive reflections on life and living. She also gives fans somewhat of a closer look into the life of their favorite star.

“You have brought me soo much joy and have poured into me so much love and confidence. (yes confidence, at my lowest points you Solange, Kelly. And Angie booted me up and helped me remember my power)!! I am so lucky to have you in my life,” she wrote recently on Beyoncé’s birthday.

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Now, she’s sharing another meme that has gone around her daughters, and we see in the clips that the two Knowles daughters are ride or die for each other, period. It seems to be a sisterly bond that has been strengthened and instilled by their mother, as she proudly shares that fact.

Mama Tina shared two separate interviews of the singers in one post, both in which they could be heard defending each other publicly and also sharing that they’ll fight when it comes to their other sibling.

Solange in the clip says, “You cannot [mess] with my sister.  I may try to beat your a**. If I’m at a concert and I hear some chicks poppin’ off…” she trails off, implying violence in support of her uber talented sister. In the other clip, an interview captured Beyoncé implying the same sentiments about her sister and deepening the comment to share how connected they are emotionally.

“If someone talks about my sister, I swear to you I’m ready to fight,” later adding “If my sister is happy, I’m even more happy.  If my sister is sad, I’m even more sad.”

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Mama Tina captioned the post, crystallizing exactly where the two daughters got it from – their mama. “Sisterly Love The Houston Way❤️❤️ and Mama will beat you’re a** about both!!!!!! 😂”

See the post below.

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