Man Appears In Bed Sleeping During Kevin Samuels Live Video Leaving Fans Questioning The Guru’s Sexuality

Kevin Samuels is the latest in a string of instagram relationship guru’s taking the world by storm. The sharp dressed “image consultant” has had several viral moments in recent months thanks to his aggressive opinions and demeaning personality. He’s become a go to on twitter for clickworthy content in the covid era. Obviously being that opinionated comes with its draw backs, for Samuels its been people questioning his sexuality. Most recently during a live chat, his camera accidentally revealed a man sleeping in what is believed to be Samuels bed, cause some eyebrows to raise.

Samuels has probably been benefiting from the recent drama surrounding fellow relationship guru Derrick Jaxn. Jaxn was exposed earlier this year for cheating on his wife multiple times over the course of their marriage, something that undoubtably damaged his reputation. Samuels on the other hand, has been mostly able to avoid controversy, probably something that’s allowed him to become more visible in light of Jaxn losing his audience.

Samuels opinion is not just for the twitter verse, he’s made his thoughts on some popular celebrities very clear too. We recently reported on his thoughts about rapper Saweetie, especially after her split from Quavo. During a recent sitdown with Joe Budden he referred to Saweetie as a 6 out of 10. “I look at you fresh-faced, no makeup, your natural state and if you have ever seen her pictures, fresh-faced, natural state, she’s a cute woman who can be pretty,” he said. “But I don’t think she’s ever gonna be considered to be beautiful or gorgeous. That does not mean she’s bad…” 

He’s also been pretty rude to women who seek advice from him, recently comparing one of his callers to a running back. “You’re about the size that Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders were,” said Samuels to Simmons.  “You’re a running back size. You can hit the A-gap like a [MF].” 

Well during a recent advice seeking session from fans, Samuels gave his haters some fuel after his camera displayed a man asleep in what appeared to be Samuel’s room. While he dismissed the incident as just a “glitch”, many have taken the opportunity to serve him a taste of his own medicine with some pretty off color remarks.

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