Deceased Man Banned From His Own Funeral, Family Livid After Church Blocked Him From Entering After Arriving To Church On A Chair

A deceased man was turned away from his own funeral in a strange turn of events. The family opted for a unique service to honor the life of the man who had been k*lled in his home along side his father. They opted to bring him to the precession sitting in a wheel chair. Unfortunately the funeral home was not fond of this display and initially turned the man away from his own funeral.

Che Lewis was a 29-year-old man who life was taken in Trinidad and Tobago. Lewis’ body had been embalmed in a sitting position so that he may be placed in a wheelchair. The family wanted to give him “one last ride” before being buried. They young man had been k*lled with his father, Adlay Lewis, in their home.

Che Lewis was dressed in a pink jacket with white pants. The haunting image scared several people who upon first look did not realize that he was the deceased. The bizarre scene made its way through the capital of Port of Spain to St. John the Evangelist Church in the nearby town of Diego Martin.

Upon arriving at the funeral home, Lewis was initially stopped and turned away. Staff believed him to be a guest coming to view the body and not the actual body. They also asked him to put a mask on – not realizing he was not breathing. Eventually, everything was resolved, and the family was allowed to stream the funeral online for family and friends. Unfortunately, several people watching still could not tell who the deceased was and believed Che Lewis to be alive while watching.

Dennie’s Funeral Home’s motto is “Every life is unique therefore every funeral should be unique”. They went on to explain how they settled on the idea to have him in a wheel chair.

“The family requested it, but it was something we had on our bucket list to do so when the request came it wasn’t foreign to us because we are aware of funerals like that abroad,” Dennie told Loop News, the Sun reported.

“We had him by us for three days to monitor how he was doing in the chair before we took it public,” he continued.

A police officer named Brent Batson told the Trinidad Express “We are disappointed in the reckless behavior engaged by Dennie’s Funeral Home. Carrying persons in a dangerous manner is an offense with a £750 penalty and the police will continue the investigation into the funeral company’s conduct on the road,” he said.

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