Man Placed Behind Bars For Arson After Losing Stimulus Check Due To Back Child Support

The third wave of stimulus checks has been hitting bank accounts around the country after a long wait for many.  Folks have been awaiting the $1400 payout, so much so that some have resorted to some unfortunate doings. 

Many cases have been reported of folks who could potentially be getting scammed out of their money.  Some people have been receiving calls from folks claiming to be the IRS in attempts to take advantage of those receiving their stimulus check.  In some cases, folks are receiving text messages for the same outcome.  

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein offered insight to those who may have been facing the efforts of those who are scamming.  “The IRS will directly deposit it into your account or send you a check or debit card,” said Stein. “They will not call you and ask for your bank account information or your social security number. If someone does that they are a criminal and you should hang up.” 

In Indianapolis, tragedy took place at the hands of suspect Malik Halfacre.  Halfacre admitted to taking the money after taking the lives of Tomeeka Brown, Anthony Johnson, Dequan Moore as well as 7-year-old Eve Moore.  Halfacre also had a history of violence prior to committing this particular tragedy of a crime. 

The latest to cause harm due to the stimulus check is a South Carolina man who allegedly attacked his girlfriend and committed arson.  Thirty-six-year old Ray Michael Bradford, Jr. became enraged after his $600 stimulus check was taken to cover back child support. 

“He decided that he was mad because he didn’t get his $600 to go spend however he wanted,” said Spartanburg Sheriff Chuck Wright.  Following the incident, Bradford proceeded to allegedly set several fires to the home and two of their vehicles.  He was captured while holding gasoline and walking down Highway 221. 

The victim is currently being treated for multiple injuries to her face, head, neck and body.  Meanwhile, Bradford’s bond has been denied. 

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